3 reasons to use AccountSight as your Time and Billing software!

There are so many Time, Expense and Invoicing Software applications available in the market with different features and varied price points. So how can small businesses decide whether AccountSight is the right one for them? How can small companies be absolutely sure that their dollars are well spent by selecting AccountSight as the correct solution? Here are 3 key criteria that will make their decision easier: 1.    What are my company requirements? Every small organization&rsquMore....

Posted by : Mahender Bist  |  Posted Date : 08-20-2013

AccountSight paves a faster way for approval from client manager

Timesheet and billing management is an ever growing concern for any organization, big or small. In some organizations, like consulting or law firms, employees often have to work from the client site. Therefore, while working in a client project, an employee needs to fill all the T&E entries on regular basis and submit to his/her manager within the organization and also attach the time and expenses signed by client manager for invoice purposes. As a result, employees eventually find it very dMore....

Posted by : Arpan Biswas  |  Posted Date : 08-07-2013

Enhance productivity with bulk T&E entries- The AccountSight Way!

Efficient management of Time & Expense (T&E) is a critical factor for any organization since it directly affects the delays on their account receivables and can disturb the steady cash inflow. It is very important for the project management that all the billable and non-billable resources fill up their time and expense entries properly. But it often happens that employees do not submit T&E entries in different scenarios:   Unfortunately most employees find it cumbersome More....

Posted by : Arpan Biswas  |  Posted Date : 08-07-2013

AccountSight Dashboards make Reporting easy and simple

Often organizations find it difficult to maintain and manage its huge store of Time, Expense & Invoice data that appear in its project management and time tracking systems. Large organizations deal with numerous clients and may work on multiple projects with one single client. Also, a single resource can be used on multiple projects as well. The bigger the size of the organization, the more complex is the nature of the data in the system. Even the freelancer professionals who work individualMore....

Posted by : Arpan Biswas  |  Posted Date : 08-07-2013

Time and Expense Tracking

Most organizations understand the impact of Time and Expense tracking (T&E) delays on their account receivables, however, T&E entry policy is not always easy to implement. Both the employees as well as the managers hold their valid objections and it all boils down to the extra time and effort involved in managing time and expense in the systems. Freelancer professionals on the other hand, need system to keep track of their Time, Expenses and Invoices with ease of use and capability to aMore....

Posted by : Mahender Bist  |  Posted Date : 01-03-2013

Invoice Management using AccountSight invoice tracking software

Account receivable delay or leakage is a common for a large percentage of small and large businesses and controlling it requires a flexible and powerful system to help streamline invoice generation, receive payments, monitor the payment delays, generate automated notifications, view of receivable status via dashboards and reports. AccountSight provides you all these features and more to increase your cash flow! Let’s review the account receivable cycle from invoice generation to receiptMore....

Posted by : Mahender Bist  |  Posted Date : 01-03-2013

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