Employee Productivity Profitability and Utilization Reports

Keeping an eye on the employee utilization rate and maintaining a high utilization is a key parameter for most consulting companies and directly relates to profitability of the company. Margins directly relate to the business cash flow health and indicate how well the company can scale up the operations. Considering the request from our consulting customers, our team has added the utilization rate and employee profitability reports to provide this visibility to our customers. Both the reports More....

Posted by : Anita Bist  |   Posted Date : 07-13-2014

AccountSight Dashboards make Reporting easy and simple

Often organizations find it difficult to maintain and manage its huge store of Time, Expense & Invoice data that appear in its project management and time tracking systems. Large organizations deal with numerous clients and may work on multiple projects with one single client. Also, a single resource can be used on multiple projects as well. The bigger the size of the organization, the more complex is the nature of the data in the system. Even the freelancer professionals who work individualMore....

Posted by : Arpan Biswas  |   Posted Date : 08-07-2013

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