AccountSight Claims Spot as Leading PSA Software; Wins Rising Star of 2019 Award from B2B Software Platform

AccountSight is celebrating another triumph as it wins not one but two awards from CompareCamp -- the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. We’re proud to have our hard work and efforts acknowledged not just be experts, but by our users as well. CompareCamp is a provider of SaaS reviews that readers rely on for the transparent evaluation and analysis of tools and features of software currently available in the market. Its composed of industry experts who aim to More....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 09-24-2019

AccountSight New Enhancement For July 2019

Restrict Time Entry For Advanced Pricing AccountSight Advanced Pricing option gives you more power and precision to set different billing rate resources of varied skills for the same task. Also, you can set the billing rates date based effectivity for the Project – Task – Resource combination. Before this change: You could only set one rate basis: either project–person or project-task based, and there is no date based effectivity for rates. If you needed date-effectiveMore....

Posted by : Shailender  |   Posted Date : 08-08-2019

AccountSight Named a Top Simple to Use Time Tracking Tool by G2 Crowd

AccountSight has been identified as a top five most simple to use time tracking software, based on hundreds of reviews on time tracking apps from real users like yourself, with data collected on aspects such as Ease of Use and Ease of Setup. AccountSight ranked at the top of three satisfaction categories. It scored a ninety-nine percent Ease of Use, a ninety-seven percent Ease of Admin and a ninety-five percent Ease of Setup. AccountSight has 15 reviews overall and was named a High Performer inMore....

Posted by : Anita Bist  |   Posted Date : 10-31-2017

Combined Time and Time-off View and Reporting

We have acted on the feedback from several companies to improve visibility of the combined time entry and time-off (leave management) records for the week. In the past, time entry and time-off were on separate tabs. As an improvement, we had brought time-off under time-entry to provide one view to display the total time entered during the week. Recently we have added a couple of minor enhancements to make this process completely streamlined.    Any Saved, Pending or Approved tMore....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 08-21-2017

How to Withdraw Timesheet with Incorrect Time Entries

As a user, have you come across a situation where you just submitted a timesheet for approval and realized that there are some errors in you time entries and you need to correct them immediately. In the past, you had no alternative but to request your manager to reject any timesheet under pending status so that you can correct those mistakes. As the manager or administrator, it is worse if the timesheet approval goes through and the invoice is delivered to the customer with incorrect hours juMore....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 08-21-2017

AccountSight User Interface Changes

May 8, 2017 Updates AccountSight is updating the User Interface slightly and moving the menu bar to the top of the page. This is to accommodate for the visual graphics and charts in the future in almost all sections. See the example page below. There will be no change in the navigation and the rest of the look and feel of the AccountSight application. For more information or a quick walk-through, please call or email support.  

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 05-08-2017

Visual Resource Management with Calendar View

After creating AccountSight's easy to use Project Resource Planning and Scheduling module, we noticed a high degree of adoption by many companies with over 50 users in the past year. Over the course of time we have added a number of useful reports and upload capabilities to planning; however, we have received an overwhelming interest in a Visual Gantt or Calendar view. The AccountSight development team has worked for the past few months to deliver an elegant and practical resource planning userMore....

Posted by : Mahender Bist  |   Posted Date : 05-04-2017

Timesheet with Time-off View

AccountSight recently released a common view of timesheet and time-off to:   · A complete visibility of hours to avoid errors in time entry. Users could inadvertently add hours on the time-off day without this view.   · Colour coding of weekends and time-off days.  This feature is applicable for the companies using time-off functionality in AccountSight. Time-off becomes available on the timesheet only after submitting for approval. Steps: Submit timeMore....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 05-02-2017

Expenses and Reimbursements in Multiple Currencies

AccountSight has provided multi-currency feature to facilitate users who travel to different countries for the project work and spend in different currency than their reimbursement currency. Additionally, company billing the client can yet bill in currency other than the expense or reimbursement currency i.e. a UK based consultant working for US company travels to EURO currency country. US Company employing the UK consultant pays him/her in GBP after converting the amount spent from EUROs. The UMore....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 05-02-2017

Timesheet Expenses and Time-off Approval Directly from Email

  Welcome back! Celebrations, parties and gift exchanges are over, and once more we are energized enough to take the challenges of work and life. Today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of Timesheet, Expense and Time-off Approval Directly from Email into AccountSight, a sought-after feature targeted to eradicate business hassles and speed up the delivery empowering you and your team.  Seeing is believing! So without any further ado, let me show you how the new capabilitMore....

Posted by : Admin  |   Posted Date : 01-06-2017

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