Manage Project Estimates

Using the project estimates functionality in AccountSight, users can easily and quickly create online estimates in order to put online bids or contracts to prospective clients and to win the projects by providing realistic estimates. Only after the estimate is approved by the prospect, the project work can be started and the estimate can be converted into invoice for future needs.

Admin can perform a number of operations in order to manage and organize all the estimates efficiently. The following opearations can help you to Manage Project Estimates:

1] Logged in as Admin, go to the Invoices tab.

2] Within the Invoices tab, go to the Estimates sub tab.

3] Click on the Estimate Number of the particular draft estimate that is yet to be delivered and that you want to send to the prospect.

Manage Project Estimates

4] Click on Get PDF to download a PDF version of the estimate.

5] Click on Print Estimate to print a copy of the estimate.

6] Click on the Action button. A drop-down bow will appear with a number of operations to choose from. You can Copy Estimates, Convert to Invoice, Mark as Sent, Approved or Rejected and also Delete the estimate.

Manage Project Estimates

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