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What Customers are saying?

Great Tool for Resource Allocation & Management
I am responsible for running the Operations Strategy and Planning function for a 400+ people Business Transformation organization with resources across the globe that vary in skills sets, experience, and expertise. Thus, it becomes imperative that we ensure that the right resources are allocated to the appropriate programs and activities and moreover we are diligently allocating and managing their capacity and have a line of sight where they may be a resource and skill-set gaps. After evaluating multiple tools and companies out there that could help us do so, AccountSight was not only the most cost-effective option but also had a very user-friendly UI with key capabilities we needed to manage our resources. Moreover, the partnership with the team has been great and given that it is a SaaS based application, we have been able to collaborate closely to configure the tool to meet our specific requirements. The tool and the experience have been great especially when you consider the price point compared to the competition.
- Sid Nayar

Valuable tool for our firm
As a specialty consulting firm with consultants all across North America we have found AccountSight to be a very valuable tool for our firm. It was easy for me to learn as an Administrator and it is easy for our new consultants to utilize. We find it flexible enough to customize to our business, our clients and our projects. The customer service is second to none when I have a question or learn something new about the capabilities of AccountSight. I would recommend any consulting firm looking for a new software tool take a look at AccountSight.
- Mark N.

AccountSight Time Tracking Software Announces Enhancements To Its Resource Planning Module

 AccountSight Software is excited to announce the enhancements to its resource planning module. The extended functionalities make the time tracking and billing software ideal for medium to larger companies.

"Often time growing companies find themselves in need of efficient resource forecasting and planning, running 'what if' scenarios and capacity planning. AccountSight's resource planning module is a forecasting tool that is really easy to setup in a matter of minutes to provide powerful and meaningful reporting," said Mahender Bist, CEO of AccountSight. "This is an elegant forecasting tool without heavy Gantt charts but highly effective with project assignment based on resource role, skills, geography and department. Planning results are compared with the actual time tracking or can be used for standalone powerful reporting." 

The enhancements to AccountSight include:

• Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning - Helps managers redistribute and balance out workload during project assignment itself due to real-time visibility. Capacity planning helps with hiring analysis.
• Comprehensive Insight into Portfolio - Insight into time/efforts spent on projects and operational activities as well as who will be working on which project. 
• Forecasted vs. Actual Comparison - Forecasted vs. actual time spent on the project serves as a powerful actionable matrix for project re-alignment.
• Accurate Forecasting - Improve your estimates for future projects based on historical data.
• Reporting - Metrics to demonstrate include resource allocation, time and time off hours for the month, quarter and year, location based assignments, department based percentage allocation.

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AccountSight Key Features:

• Time tracking and expense tracking in seconds.
• Efficient timesheet and expense approval workflow notifications.
• Convenient reimbursement management and accounts reconciliation.
• Resource planning for future projects.
• Time off module with multiple calendars for employees and consultants.
• Excel integration for time and expense bulk uploads.
• QuickBooks integration with time tracking and invoicing features.
• PayPal integration with invoices reconciles accounts receivables automatically.
• Fast and easy manual and recurring online invoicing.
• Configurable automatic reminders on timesheet, expense and invoices.
• Quick and professional project estimates for bidding.
• Powerful dashboards and reports for online project management and invoice status.
• Drill-down directly from dashboards into time, expenses and invoicing reports.


Sign up for a free 30 day trial to see how it can help your company save time and money and increase employee productivity. No credit card needed. Give it a try now at https://www.accountsight.com/.

About AccountSight:

AccountSight is a leading time tracking and invoicing software that is integrated with QuickBooks and PayPal. It is easy, feature rich and robust and ideal for small to big companies. It is full of productivity-driven features that are conveniently available to users through a very helpful interface. The exceptional customer service as well as the many customer benefits make AccountSight the perfect choice for companies who need a seamless transition from their legacy system. For more information, please visit https://www.accountsight.com/.

System Requirements:

AccountSight works with any operating system. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


AccountSight is a subscription based software with prices starting from $8 to $10/user. Volume discounts available for larger companies and government organizations. Please contact AccountSight directly for special pricing.

Posted by : Anita Bist  |  Posted Date : 03/08/2016

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