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Frequently Asked Questions

AccountSight – An End to End Solution for Professional Services Companies

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What is a Timesheet?

Timesheet is the interface of time entries. If you have a computer and access to the Internet, you can enter the hours into Timesheet, anywhere and anytime, via the cloud based application.

How can I create a Timesheet?

Go to New time entry tab. Add row(s) by selecting Project and Task from drop down box.

You can then Save your timesheet after logging the hours.

How does the stopwatch help in time tracking?

With the stopwatch, you can track your time with much more precision. It allows you to track time at a resolution of seconds which cannot be recorded manually.

Can I fill up my timesheet using both stopwatch and manual entry?

Yes, you can do that. If you start the timer for any particular slot in your timesheet, it will simply add to any previously saved time entry. However, if you manually fill up the timesheet, it will overwrite any previously recorded time entry.

Can I run the stopwatch multiple times?

Yes, you can run the stopwatch as many times as you want. It will simply keep accumulating the time recorded for the active time entry slot.

Can I run multiple stopwatch sessions at a time?

No. You can run only one session at a time. To start a new session, you have to first make sure that any earlier running session is stopped.

Can I submit time or expenses before setup?

No. You need to first set up the CustomersPeopleProjects and Tasks from Settings tab in your account.

What do different tabs New, Saved, Pending and Approved mean?

New –  Create a new timesheet/expense sheet
Saved – View, edit or submit all saved timesheet/expenses
Pending – View all submitted timesheets/expenses awaiting approval
Approved – View all approved timesheets/expenses

How do I change a timesheet period, for example, from Sun-Sat to Mon-Sun?

You need admin permission to change that. If you are the admin, go to the Company sub tab under the Settings tab. Click on “Edit Account” and change the timesheet period.

How to submit timesheets for approval?

Go to the Time tab -> Log time to a New timesheet/open and update a previously Saved timesheet -> Click on the “Submit” button and your timesheet will be submitted for approval.

Is there an option to submit or approve multiple timesheets or expenses at a time?

Yes. In the New sub tab within both Time and Expenses tabs, there is a button to Upload time and expense using Excel. Click on that button, browse and select the Excel file with your time and/or expense entries in the proper format and upload it. All your timesheets and expenses will be submitted at the same time.

Can I edit the timesheet or expense that has already been approved?

Yes. You can edit and resubmit any approved timesheet or expense only if your manager withdraws their approval.

Can I print/download my timesheet in PDF?



How to submit expenses for approval?

Go to the Expenses tab -> Add New expenses/open and update a previously Saved expense sheet -> Click on the “Submit” button and your expense sheet will be submitted for approval.

Do I need to define expenses before starting to submit expenses?

Yes you first need to define your expense type before you can submit expense sheets. Go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> Expense Types. There you will find the “Add Category” option. Enter your expense details and click on “Add Category” button. A new expense type will be added.

Can project manager approve expenses partially?

Yes. Project manager can approve all the entries or he/she can select specific entries from an expense sheet.


Why do we need Electronic Invoicing?

Restricting employees to “time entry” access lets them input their hours, leaving the critical billing information for you to define for your invoices. With typical software, time tracking between contractors and business owner can be difficult, particularly when it comes to invoicing. But with AccountSight online application, you can customize the billing  information on your invoices to suit your needs, not the needs of your time tracking software.

How does online invoice work?

The admin or project manager can generate an online invoice based on approved time and expenses for a project and directly deliver the online invoice to the client via email.

Can I create a manual invoice?

Yes. Go to Invoices section, click on the “Manual Invoice” button. There you can create a manual invoice by adding customer, items and other necessary details.

How does recurring invoice help to automate billing process?

Recurring invoice is used to bill those particular items that are used in projects at regular intervals, say, weekly or monthly. By creating a recurring invoice, the admin can automate billing for these items for a specified time period instead of creating invoices for those same items every month.

Project Estimates

What is a project estimate?

A project estimate contains the cost estimation of a project that you wish to give to your prospective client. You need to prepare a realistic yet profitable estimate so that your client is happy to give you the contract as well as you earn your profit.

Do I need to configure any settings before using project estimate?

You need not. A default setup is given. However, you can change the setting any time from the Estimates sub tab under Settings tab.

What to do with the estimate once it is approved by the client?

Once the estimate is approved, the admin can directly convert it into an invoice and use it later for billing.

Can a project manager create an estimate?

No. Only the admin has the authority to create estimates.

Dashboard and Reports

How does the dashboard work?

Dashboard offers a pictorial presentation of all time, expense and invoice data. Admin can click on the Dashboard tab on the Home page and find a quick and smart view of TimesheetExpenseInvoice and Outstanding summary in the dashboard. Data can be viewed in both bar charts and pie charts. Admin can also directly move to Reports section by clicking on the data in bar charts or pie charts.

Why can't I find the dashboard from my account?

Only the admin and project managers can view and use the dashboard. Regular users have no access to the dashboard. The admin has access to dashboard data for all projects and all customers. A project manager has dashboard access only to projects under his/her control.

Can I generate customized reports?

The AccountSight reporting tool has a number of useful filters. The admin can use these filters to create customized reports. Data can be filters based on dates, customers, projects and other criteria. Also, the admin can sort and group by data based on customers, projects, tasks, people and dates.

QuickBooks Integration

What is the benefit of integrating AccountSight with QuickBooks?

Integrating AccountSight time tracking software with QuickBooks solves the problem of transferring time tracking data to QuickBooks accounting software package. You can manage all your weekly timesheets and project invoices in AccountSight and then easily and quickly export the data into QuickBooks to perform any accounting operation.

How to integrate AccountSight with QuickBooks?

To integrate your AccountSight account with QuickBooks, please follow the steps as mentioned in the Help Center. You must also have QuickBooks installed in your machine.

Can I integrate AccountSight with any version of QuickBooks?

No. You must use QuickBooks Professional, Premier or Enterprise edition with windows version 2011 or higher.

What is the system requirement for the integration?

The integration works only for Windows platform. You should preferably have Windows 7. For users with any prior version of Windows, please install .NET Framework 4.0 or higher version on your machine.

PayPal Integration

How does the PayPal integration feature help me to deal with my clients?

The PayPal integration feature offers your clients a more convenient and easy gateway for paying project bills. Instead of cash or check payments, which often result in late payments, PayPal provides an automated payment system. Clients can now pay the invoices directly through online mode. Upon receiving the invoice via email, clients can instantly transfer the amount using their PayPal accounts or credit/debit cards.

The online payment option using PayPal helps users to effectively manage the cash flow. It can substantially reduce your late payments and therefore your account receivables remain within limit. The faster your clients pay your bills, the healthier your cash flow.

Is there any additional requirement to use the PayPal functionality?

The only requirement you need to use the PayPal functionality is to have a PayPal Business account. Once you configure your PayPal ID to your application and enable it, you can start using the PayPal feature.

Your clients can pay you using their PayPal accounts or simple their credit/debit cards in online mode. The money is transferred directly to user’s PayPal account which is set up in user’s AccountSight application.

Is it compulsory to use the PayPal option for bill payment?

It is not compulsory to use the PayPal option. If user is not willing or the clients are not ready to use the PayPal feature, user can simply disable the PayPal option and carry on with manual payment option with cash or check.

Is it secure to use the PayPal integration feature as a payment system?

PayPal integration feature is absolutely safe and secure to use for money transaction. The AccountSight integration process ensures a fast and risk free transaction between the user and the client without involvement of any third party. Our customers are happily using the PayPal functionality without any failure.


How to setup an AccountSight account as Admin?

Open URL: www.AccountSight.com.

Click on “Sign Up ” button to create a new account.

There is a 30 days FREE trial period. Once the trial is over, you can upgrade it from your trial account itself.

How to change or edit my company information?

Only admin can edit company information. Go to Settings -> Company. Click on “Edit Account” button. On the edit screen, you can modify your company detail and Save the changes.

How to create or add a customer?

Only admin has the authority to add customers. Go to Time & Expense sub tab within Settings tab. Go to Customers section and click on “Add Customer” button. Fill up the mandatory detail and Save it. Your new customer is added now.

How to create a new project?

Logged in as admin, go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> Projects. Click on “Add Project” button, enter the required information, add Task and People and Save the project.

How can I become a project manager for any particular project?

Only admin has the authority to assign a user as project manager for any particular project. Admin can add or change project managers from Settings tab.

How to add new users to a project?

Log in into AccountSight as admin. Go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> People. Click on “Add Person” button; enter data into the fields and Save it. A new user will be added.

Now go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> Projects. Select the “Edit Project” option next to the project where you want to add new users. On the “Edit Project” screen, you will find the “Add People” section at the bottom. Select the person you want to add to the project from the drop down box and click on “Add Person” button. The selected user will be added to the project. You can specify the newly added user’s hourly rate and time budget. You can also mark him/her as a project manager before saving and exiting the edit screen.

How to create a task?

Log in into your AccountSight sub domain with admin credentials. Go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> Tasks. You will find the “Add Task” option at the bottom. Enter the details of the new task and click on “Add Task” button. A new task will be added.

To include a task to a project, go to Settings -> Time & Expense -> Projects. Select your project for editing. Go to “Add Tasks” section and there you can directly add tasks to the project from the drop down box.

How does a project manager differ from the admin?

A project manager can only manage data under his/her projects. But the admin has control over all data and every activity starting from timesheet management to client billing. Only admin can assign a regular user as a project manager to particular projects.


If I deactivate my account and later start using AccountSight again, can I retrieve all my previously saved data?

Yes. All your data will remain saved and whenever you decide to join AccountSight again later, you can easily retrieve all your previous data.

Is it safe and secure to use a cloud based application?

It is absolutely safe to use a cloud application. With AccountSight cloud based software, you get maximum flexibility to access your timesheets from anywhere anytime as well as complete security that your data will not be disclosed to any third party.

Once you register to AccountSight, you will get your personalized sub domain URL which is not indexed by search engines. Therefore, any outsider who does not know the URL cannot even start the attack. AccountSight has state of the art firewalls in place which prevent any intrusion attack. Also it has the most advanced and efficient data backup and recovery techniques to help in case of emergency. It has backup servers to keep up with any rise in traffic and also to help in any catastrophic event. All in all, AccountSight takes complete care of your data.

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