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Key Features

  • Multiple invoice colors and templates based on your branding
  • Manual online invoice creation
  • Personalize your manual invoice tax and discounts
  • Review and update of draft invoice
  • Print or email invoices directly from the system
  • Receipt of payment or write-off
  • Quick invoice tracking by payment status


Manual invoicing is a special feature offered by AccountSight’s invoice generating software. The purpose of manual invoicing is to record unscheduled or irregular costs and expenses not reflected in the weekly time and expense sheets. This helpful functionality makes AccountSight one of the most powerful online invoicing applications available in the marketplace.

The project manager can generate manual invoices without any prior invoice settings. He/she can personalize the invoice directly while creating it. Various parameters like tax rates and discount levels can be set and the draft invoice can be saved temporarily for further review and delivery to client. The manager can also choose invoice colors from the available color tray based on the business color theme or other requirements.

The manager can directly deliver online manual invoices to the client via email. AccountSight also allows printing of the online invoice. The payment status of the invoice can be checked and easily updated as well.

The reporting section helps both managers and the administrator monitor and analyze all invoice data and provides an informative summary.

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