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Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboards for easy management
  • Drill-down directly from dashboards into reports to review details
  • Powerful reports that analyze your business data
  • Maintain time and expenses billing record


AccountSight has the most powerful dashboard tool which makes data analysis easier than ever. Using the dashboard, the administrator can review, revise and analyze all the time tracking, expense tracking and invoicing data seamlessly. The dashboard provides a pictorial presentation of time, expense and invoice data as well as an easy to understand summary in the form of bar and pie charts. The administrator can see a quick and consolidated view of data from the dashboard and then directly drill-down to the reporting section from the dashboard.

In the reporting section, the administrator can view reports separately for the time, expense and invoice data. However, a project manager has access to reports of his/her projects only. AccountSight has provided numerous filters which help to search and sort data as required and generate online reports accordingly. For example, the administrator can filter data based on customer, project, task, person or date. The administrator can export reports to Excel or a PDF file or print a copy for documentation.

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