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Timesheet from 04/15/2024 to 04/21/2024

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Timesheet FAQs

An employee’s hours worked over a given period (often a day, week, or month) are recorded as a timesheet. It also provides a log on the productivity of the employee  how much time he/she has spent on a particular assigned task/activity.

Depending on the company’s timesheet policy, employees are responsible for filling out their timesheets on daily or weekly basis and submit it to their respective manager for approval.

Employees must detailed out their work hours spent on various tasks/activities while filling out their timesheet, capturing the time spent on specific customers projects and also differentiating billable and non-billable hours.

Timesheet facilitates and enables a manager to closely monitor the overall progress of the tasks, employee productivity, billing and invoicing to client for payments, bringing transparency in the organization, futuristic prediction of revenue and hiring need.

This data is recorded daily, and the sum of the daily totals is then used to generate the weekly and monthly reports for each project.

To give you a better idea, this is the gist; however, the type of timesheet you need to fill out will dictate the specific data that the timesheet requires from you.

Typically, we categorize timesheets according to the time frame they cover and the details they necessitate, as follows:

  • Employee daily hourly timesheets
  • Supervisor daily timesheet
  • Monthly timesheet
  • Semi-monthly timesheet
  • Weekly timesheet
  • Biweekly timesheet
  • Project timesheet

Several factors make timesheets vital to any company:

  • Timesheets aid in accurate billing.
  • Timesheet assists with project cost tracking.
  • Timesheets help gauge the efficiency of employees.
  • Timesheets reveal your work efficiency.
  • Timesheets assist you save money by comparing the anticipated budget for the project to the project’s actual costs while it is being completed.

Perhaps most crucially, timesheets provide timely and accurate compensation for the effort put in. Accurate and timely timesheet submission is generally a precondition for payroll processing.

Several significant federal statutes and bodies are associated with timesheet compliance, including the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) and the Defence Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

Businesses that enter into contracts with the United States government must maintain DCAA compliance and bear the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a record of any modifications made to the timesheet
  • Approving completed timesheets
  • Providing detailed reports regularly

Please refer to DCAA compliance manuals for information on maintaining accurate and compliant timesheets.

Several benefits to a company’s productivity may be attained via the use of timesheet software, including increased productivity.

Some examples of these advantages are:

Saves employee productive effort at the end of month for billing & invoicing. Generate multiple reports for various stakeholders enabling to crucial decisions based on data.

  • The ability to concentrate more intently on tasks at hand.
  • Facilitating Prioritization
  • Maintaining order and a routine
  • Boosting Accountability and Transparency in Teams
  • Reducing instances of time theft

Theoretically, you could do good work without timesheet software by having employees fill out paper timesheets.

However, time tracking software has an efficient timesheet element that enables improved productivity and time management by automating these procedures, which makes everything more straightforward and productive.

Under the policy governing timesheets, timesheets are considered to be legal documents. This is because timesheets are the origin of payroll transactions and play an essential role in billing customers.

To protect the rights of employees to fair pay, benefits, and time off, these contracts provide a solid legal foundation.

Evaluate the benefits of using AccountSight using our return on investment (ROI) time-tracking calculator.

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