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Resource Management and Resource Scheduling

An effective portfolio management solution provides real-time, accurate
visibility into the organization’s resource status.

Optimize cost

Accountsight gives you complete visibility of all resources in real- time and allocate the right resources to the right project.

Visual Analytics

Retain, train, restructure and diversify existing resources instead of hiring excess.

Futureproof your workforce

Track actual time/cost vs. Forecasted time/cost reports for greater forecasting capabilities

Accountsight helps you optimize your resource allocations to increase work output, forecast future resource requirements and improve the utilization levels of your resources. It is time to get past cumbersome spreadsheets and optimize your human resource planning and scheduling

  • Plan projects and forecast resource needs.
  • Coordinate team assignments.
  • Identify and allocate available resources based on role and skill set.
  • Track forecasted versus actual hours and control costs.
  • Track costs for each phase and task for more efficient project planning.
  • Key decisions analytics on resource needs.

Align the right resource for your project

  • Ensure that the chosen team has the right set of skills, experience and is perfectly suited for your project requirements.
  • Filter resources by skill, experience, availability, location, cost and more.

Analyze capacity and requirement

  • Gain visibility into which projects and tasks that need staffing attention
  • Gain insight into existing or future resource gaps
  • Maximize potential of resources through overview of detailed resource utilization reports

Forecasting and reports

  • Monitor progress in real time and compare your estimated hours with the actual time taken.
  • Make informed decisions strategically with flexible reports.
  • Foster shared services model to maximize resource efficiency

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Awards and Recognition

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Leader in Time Management Software Award 2021

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Awarded the Quality Choice Award

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Awarded the Trusted Vendor Award

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Awarded the Happiest Users Award

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