Why AccountSight?

The Problem

The Problem

You need to bill for your time and want software to make it easier so...

  • You get a simple app that ONLY tracks your time... then realize you still have to record your EXPENSES, then create the INVOICE, then get it APPROVED, then send the bill (and sometimes receipts), and then confirm it gets paid. You could do this personally--or have an entire company to bill. Regardless, the process is way too tedious--sometimes you even bill late because you hate to bill!
  • Or you get a time and billing application, but find it is too bloated (to cover every conceivable user), requires way too much information to complete each time, is too complicated to use, or costs more than you bill.
  • So you resort to a simple spreadsheet. But then you still have to select the data each time, print to PDF, open your accounting and create an invoice, convert it to PDF, email everything and then stay on top of it to ensure it is paid--what a pain! When all you really want to do is stop the paperwork and get back to work.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a system to track your time and expenses, that instantly connects with your popular accounting to automatically invoice, send and reconcile your payment...that is also EASY to use and affordable?

Perhaps you should consider...

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