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Project Reporting Software

AccountSight helps with important decision making for the
future benefits and increased growth of the business.

Timesheet Management

Easy administration

Complete visibility of all resources in real- time, allow to export reports to PDF or Excel files for greater usage.

Resource Management

Workforce planning

Retain, train, restructure and diversify existing resources instead of hiring excess.

Expense Report

Analyze and report

Track actual time/cost vs. Forecasted time/cost reports for greater forecasting capabilities

AccountSight helps with important decision making for the future benefits and increased growth of the business. With the powerful reporting tool from AccountSight, users will be able to:

  • Perform data analysis based on project details from reporting tool to implement decisions.
  • Receive real time consolidated data from dashboard for easy summarization of business growth.
  • View reports based on resource utilization, budget, attendance, profitability, etc. to track patterns for emerging business growth
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel files for greater usage.
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AccountSight provides an array of reports for time,
expenses and invoices

Time Reporting

Limit unproductive hours and boost productivity with its comprehensive feature set.

Expense Reporting

Access receipts and expense submissions from your dashboard and create, validate, or refuse.

Invoice Reporting

Provides details of the invoice, paid amount, balance due, any write-offs, and late days.

Attendance Report

Classification of time-off type-Paid time off, sick leave, Carried forward and available hours for vacation.

Resource Allocation

Details of resource allocated to projects/tasks to generate estimated hour for a certain period of time.

Utilization Report

Hour & Percentage based utilization of employees by Billable, Non-Billable time, and time off buckets.

Budget Report

Summary of the project task or project-resources based budgets, actual amounts and percentages.

Cost Report

Employee cost to your company, project time cost amount by customer, project and dates.

Resource Report

Allows you to search Person based on Name, Role, Skills, Department and location.

Profitability Report

Profitability based on resource billing rates and resource cost by project for specific time period.

Planning Report

Planned hours cost vs actual hours and cost to help you identify Project Planned vs Actuals.

"Find out how AccountSight time and expense tracking solutions will help grow your bottom line"

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Leader in Time Management Software Award 2021

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Awarded the Quality Choice Award

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Awarded the Trusted Vendor Award

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Awarded the Happiest Users Award

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