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Attendance Report

Last modified: October 18, 2022
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AccountSight has a very rich and powerful reporting tool along with the time and billing software. It gives an array of options for the users to slice and dice data for analysis and present reports for time, expenses and invoices separately. These reporting features make AccountSight a unique employee time management software.

Companies use Attendance Reports for vacation and time-off rules in the system, which give a breakdown by person, time-off type (Paid time off, sick leave, Etc.), Carried forward, used, and available hours.

1. Generic Report: Attendance Generic report provides time by Person, departmnt and hours categorized in the following buckets: Total working hours, hours worked, vacation, sick leave, holiday, personal time and other.

Follow the steps below for Attendance Report:

1] Login to AccountSight account as Admin. You can also login as a Project Manager. Admin has access to the whole database whereas Project Manager has access only to his project database.

2] Go to Reports tab.

3] Within Reports, go to the Generic Report

4] Choose the filters as per your requirement. Select the Time Period. Select the Person(s) and Department(s).

5] Click on Search. The consolidated list will be displayed below.

6] Once you have your desired list of entries, you can transfer the data into files. Click on Export to get the data in an Excel file.

7] Click on Get PDF to get the data in a pdf file.

8] Click on Print to get a printout of the datasheet.

2. Time and Attendance Report: Report provides hours worked in weekly (per quarter), semi-monthly and monthly buckets.

3. Time-off Report: Report is used by companies with vacation and time-off rules setup in the system. This gives a breakdown by person, time-off type (Paid time off, sick leave etc), Carried forward, used and available hours.

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