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Timesheet Approval by Manager

Last modified: October 18, 2022
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AccountSight is one of the most user friendly online time tracking software applications. Users can easily record time and attendance by filling online timesheets in AccountSight without any hassle. They can flawlessly track time and manage the weekly timesheet by updating it, submitting it on time and getting the manager’s approval.

Once the user submits a timesheet, it will go to the Project Manager for approval. The Project Manager can approve timesheets for all users working on that particular project. A project can have one or more Managers assigned by the Admin. However, only the Admin can approve timesheets for all the users across all projects.

Follow the steps below to perform Timesheet Approval by Manager:

1]  Approver(s) will receive email notification with a link to approve by logging into the application as a Project Manager.

2] On the Home page, check the Workflow Approvals & My Tasks section. It will show the task list of pending timesheet approvals. Click on one of the Timesheet Approval Links that you want to address.

3] Alternatively, go to the Time tab and then go to the Pending sub tab. You can see all the pending timesheets there.

4] You can Approve or Reject one or multiple timesheets together. Click on the Week Range of a timesheet to check and verify it. Select the Approve or Reject button to perform the required action.

5] To approve or reject multiple timesheets, Tick the check boxes of the corresponding timesheets that you want to select. Then click Approve or Reject.

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