Online Time Tracker

It is easier than ever to track time with AccountSight. Not only does it allow users to submit timesheet effortlessly, it has various features to save time on the submission and approval process for greater productivity, such as:

  • Easy to use online time tracker via any device and any platform
  • Mobile app for time tracking and approval available for Android and IOS.
  • All modes of time tracking supported namely daily timesheet entry for project task, punch in and punch out, timer based.
  • Track time by selecting project and task and enter time
  • Comments entry (1024 Characters) allowed for each date, project and task combination
  • Attachment allowed on the timesheet
  • Time and time-off easy representation on a single UI (separate detailed time-off UI available)
  • Billable and non-billable time entry option available
  • Copy from previous timesheet with or without hours
  • Upload from Excel – multiple timesheet upload enabled for the administrators
  • Upload from Excel – multiple format template for proportional time entry automatically
  •  Weekly or Semi-monthly time tracking timesheet frequency
  •  Flexible week start day
  • Time tracker with complete DCAA Compliance
  • Time tracking linked to resource management reporting

Visibility and Approvals

  • Administrator, Manager and approvers can view timesheet overall hours real-time
  • Flexible approvals by role or approver/manager roles
  • Internal and external approval allowed
  • Multiple levels of approvals allowed (up to 5 levels of approval)
  • Complete visibility into the next approver to expedite approvals
  • Delegation approval authority - Setup vacation rules to delegate approver
  • Approval directly from email allowed


  • Setup daily, weekly or specific days automatic reminder notifies user(sif user does not submit timesheet. Reminders setup is highly flexible.
  • If the timesheet is still not submitted, run missing timesheet report and send email to all the users in the missing timesheet report in a single click.

Time Tracking for Invoicing and Reporting

  • Timesheet reports provide  allocation, project portfolio and payroll time information
  • Billable and non-billable time entry option available
  • Different billing rates and cost allowed for the same employee/contractor on different projects
  • Project rates can be set based on project (same rate for all), task or person rates.
  • Billing rates and cost allowed used for Invoicing
  • Cost reports
  • Billing reports
  • Profitability
  • Budget reports
  • Project portfolio dashboards

Time Tracker Integrations for Accounting and Payroll

  • Multiple formats for  Timesheet and attendance extracts for Payroll in CSV output file
  • Out of the box integration with QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks enterprise and QuickBooks online

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