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Update Saved Expenses

Last modified: October 18, 2022
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AccountSight is a very functionality rich yet easy to use expense tracking software. Similar to the time tracking features, AccountSight’s expense tracker allows users to record and submit all expenses within the project scope. The processes of tracking expenses and approving expense sheets are simple and hassle free.

Expense sheets are automatically saved once created. Later if any changes need to be done, users can open the saved expense sheet and update it as required before the final submission for manager approval.

Follow the steps below to Update Saved Expenses:

1] Login to the AccountSight account and go to the Expenses tab.

2] In the Expenses tab page, go to the Saved sub tab.

3] Click on the Week Range of the expense sheet that you want to update. Enter the new figures in the required fields that you want to update.

4] Click on  the  button to temporarily save the updated timesheet for later submission. Click on Submit to directly submit the timesheet for manager’s approval.

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