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Integrate AccountSight with QuickBooks

Last modified: October 20, 2022
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AccountSight time tracking software can be easily integrated with QuickBooks. You can simply manage your weekly timesheets and generate project invoices with AccountSight. Now once you install QuickBooks in your machine and integrate AccountSight with QuickBooks, you can easily and quickly transfer your data from AccountSight to QuickBooks. You can export your timesheet and invoice data (.csv) files to QuickBooks without any hassles.

Follow the steps below to integrate AccountSight with QuickBooks:

1] Login to your AccountSight account as admin from your sub domain.

2] Go to Settings tab.

3] Go to Integration sub tab under Settings.

4] Go to QuickBooks Desktop sub tab under Integration. You will find two download links there.


1] Technical Requirement:

.NET Framework (4.0 or higher version)

2] QB must be open during installation. QB must be switched to ‘Single User’ and it should appear as:


1. Download and install QBFC11_0Installer.exe

2. Download and install ASync_Setup.msi

While performing 2nd step to install ASync_Setup.msi – When AccountSight Adaptor requests for the permission to QB, the following options should be selected.

5]  Once above steps are completed, the ASync shortcut icon will appear on the desktop. Double click on it to open the UI. Enter your AccountSight sub domain, user ID and password and login. Now you can export your data to QuickBooks. Simple and fast!

6] While performing 2nd step to install ASync_Setup.msi, if the QB Permission window does not appear, you can click on ‘Test QB Connection’ to trigger permission from QB.

Also set the file folder path after installation to your computer download folder.

Supported QuickBooks Edition:

QuickBooks Professional, Premier or Enterprise edition for Windows (2011 and higher version)

Make sure you install both the files. If you install only the ASync setup and try to open the ASync UI, you will get the following error message:

To remove this error, you need to install the file QBFC11_0Installer.exe .

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