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Sync personal calendar events to AccountSight Planning module

Last modified: October 18, 2022
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AccountSight reads only Busy event information on the user calendar. Setup default project and task to sync the personal calendar activity to AccountSight.

Please follow navigation to set default project and task. Please refer screenshots.

Navigation: Planning >> Settings

While creating event on personal calendar, please create ‘Busy’ event. AccountSight reads and sync only Busy event information from the user calendar. AccountSight won’t sync Free events from user calendar. Please refer screenshots to create a Busy event on personal calendar.

Personal calendar entries with meeting title starting with [P] or [p] or [PENDING] or [pending] or [T] or [t] or [TENTATIVE] or [tentative] or [UNCONFIRMED] or [unconfirmed] will be synced to AccountSight under ‘Tentative’ status.

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