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Time Entry using Stopwatch

Last modified: October 18, 2022
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AccountSight is one of the most efficient and user friendly time tracking software. Users can easily record time and attendance by filling up online timesheets in AccountSight without any hassle. They can flawlessly track time and manage the weekly time sheet by updating it, submitting on time and having manager’s approval.

Apart from manual time entry, users can now track their time with the stopwatch/timer. The stopwatch provides more flexibility and faster time tracking as users can record time at a resolutioin of seconds using the stopwatch. To track time, users need to start the stopwatch and it will start tracking time automatically. The stopwatch can be used multiple sessions for any particular day. The cumulative time will be recorded.

Follow the steps below for Time Entry using Stopwatch:

1] Login to AccountSight account and go to Time tab.

2] In the Time tab page, go to New sub tab. First select the Week from the Calendar for which you want to submit timesheet.

3] Enter Project and Select task from the respective drop down boxes to specify your task for time entry.

4] Click on Add Row. A new row or blank timesheet will be created for the specified task and time duration.

5] Select the time entry box in the timesheet for the specific day you want to start the timer. Click on the Start Timer button. The timer popup will come up with the timer counter. There is an option to put comments also. Once the timer is ON, the time entry box will indicate green.

6] To stop the timer, click on the green time entry box. The timer popup will appear. Click on the STOP button to turn the timer OFF. The recorded time will be saved in the timesheet.

7] The timer can be run for multiple sessions for any particular day. Before running the timer, make sure to stop any running session. You cannot run more than one timer at the same time.

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