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Better Project Manager

5 Tools to Make You a Better Project Manager

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23 July, 2018

Whether you are new to project management, or you are primarily looking for some simplified, modern ways to revolutionize processes in your organization, there is a range of project management tools that you can take advantage of nowadays. For all your project management needs, start managing smart by investing in some of the following tools.

1. Evernote Business

Evernote Business is a cloud-based tool, which project managers can convert into whatever they need it to be – a document repository, knowledge base, project management tool, or a digital home base for their team. It basically consolidates information, which is spread out across multiple platforms and departments and makes it simple for managers to find and view. Evernote Business supports multiple devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which helps your team members across departments to stay in sync and share the project progress.

2. Skype for business

Skype allows project managers to easily connect with their clients and team members, wherever they are. Conveniently, it supports several types of conference calls: video and voice conferences, web conferencing, conferences with instant messaging, and conference with telephone connections. More so, with Skype for Business, you can share desktop screens, collaborate on documents, and access files and desktop applications with other conference participants. All sessions conducted on Skype for Business are usually protected by encryption and authentication algorithms; hence, it is a safe application for project managers to interact with their team members and clients.

3. AccountSight

AccountSight is a web-based professional services automation tool for project managers and businesses. Significant features in this tool include applications for time tracking, project management, resource managementexpense tracking, and billing and invoicing. With AccountSight, your team members can automatically attach expense receipts and timesheets to project invoices. The solution also provides tools for scheduling, planning, and forecasting. Most notably, AccountSight can integrate with popular applications such as QuickBooks, PayPal, and Payroll software.

4. Slack

Slack is a cloud-based service tool that supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Slack helps project managers, team members, and other relevant parties to interact among themselves on any issues relating to a particular project. Slack has an intuitive and very simple user interface. You can create a profile in seconds, send important files, and send and read messages in real time. What’s more; it supports numerous web services, including Dropbox, Trello, Twitter, and Google Docs.

5. ConnectTeam

Connectteam is a unique tool used by project managers to communicate with their team members on a mobile platform. Like any good collaborative software, it works to empower employees with real-time communication via its chats, notifications, and updates features. The tool can be used for employee orientation modules, sales training, on-the-job training, and other basic project management functions.

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