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Category: Time-Off and Expense Approval

Time & Attendance Software Integration

How Integrating Time And Attendance Software With Payroll Benefits Your Organization

You as the manager or owner of an organization, have much more important things to do than dealing with payroll and timesheets every so often. Do not get the wrong impression; these are decisive components of your business procedures. But, that is perhaps the best reason why integration of your payroll processes with time tracking [...]Read More
Combined Time and Time-off View and Reporting

Combined Time and Time-off View and Reporting

We have acted on the feedback from several companies to improve visibility of the combined time entry and time-off (leave management) records for the week. In the past, time entry and time-off were on separate tabs. As an improvement, we had brought time-off under time-entry to provide one view to display the total time entered [...]Read More
Expenses and Reimbursements in Multiple Currencies

Expenses and Reimbursements in Multiple Currencies

AccountSight has provided multi-currency feature to facilitate users who travel to different countries for the project work and spend in different currency than their reimbursement currency. Additionally, company billing the client can yet bill in currency other than the expense or reimbursement currency i.e. a UK based consultant working for US company travels to EURO [...]Read More
Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Timesheet Expenses and Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Welcome back! Celebrations, parties and gift exchanges are over, and once more we are energized enough to take the challenges of work and life. Today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of Timesheet, Expense and Time-off Approval Directly from Email into AccountSight, a sought-after feature targeted to eradicate business hassles and speed up the delivery empowering you and [...]Read More
Time-Off and Expense Approval

Enhancing Time-Off and Expense Approval with 5 Levels

AccountSight is enhancing the configurable approval workflow from 2 to 5 levels to meet the need of its larger enterprise customers. Functionality is expected to be released in early February, 2015. While small companies can utilize out of the box pre-configured workflows for timesheet, expense and time-off approval, large enterprises can take advantage of its [...]Read More

AccountSight Dashboards Make Reporting Easy and Simple

Often organizations find it difficult to maintain and manage its huge store of Time, Expense & Invoice data that appear in its project management and time tracking systems. Large organizations deal with numerous clients and may work on multiple projects with one single client. Also, a single resource can be used on multiple projects as [...]Read More



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