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Time-Off and Expense Approval

Enhancing Time-Off and Expense Approval with 5 Levels

Features Time-Off and Expense Approval
31 January, 2015

AccountSight is enhancing the configurable approval workflow from 2 to 5 levels to meet the need of its larger enterprise customers. Functionality is expected to be released in early February, 2015.

While small companies can utilize out of the box pre-configured workflows for timesheet, expense and time-off approval, large enterprises can take advantage of its robust configurable workflow.

AccountSight is fulfilling the promise to be the #1 user friendly software with most robust functionality among its peers. AccountSight provides end to end software solution for professional services companies. Key features include:

  • Project planning and forecasting
  • Resource scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoicing to account receivables
  • Budget tracking
  • Team profitability
  • Reporting and dashboards and a lot more..

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