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Category: Project Estimates

Top 10 Tips for Accurately Estimating Your New Project

One of the biggest roadblocks for the successful completion of a project is the lack of proper estimation. At times, project managers tend to under-estimate or over-estimate a project. Estimation, thus, is a critical aspect of project planning, which mainly comprises of a quantitative guesstimate of project resources, costs, or duration. It’s quite tricky to [...]Read More
Hire Freelancers and Contractors

5 Top Sites To Hire Freelancers and Independent Contractors for Any Project

Even for companies with a stellar full-time workforce, situations usually arise where short-term external help is required. Large-scale projects, therefore, might demand additional employees if at all deadlines are to be met. Alternatively, specialized projects may require unique expertise not available in-house, further justifying the need for skilled temp workers. If you can articulate the [...]Read More
Better Project Manager

5 Tools to Make You a Better Project Manager

Whether you are new to project management, or you are primarily looking for some simplified, modern ways to revolutionize processes in your organization, there is a range of project management tools that you can take advantage of nowadays. For all your project management needs, start managing smart by investing in some of the following tools. [...]Read More
5 Benefits of Project Time Tracking

5 Essential Benefits of Project Time Tracking

If a lack of visibility on how time is spent and managed is a problem for your business, then time tracking is simply the best way to curb this predicament. It makes employees or project teams more effective, companies more prolific and businesses more profitable. On some days, project managers may precisely know what their [...]Read More
Create Project Estimates

Create Project Estimates for Prospective Clients Effortlessly With AccountSight v2.20

Preparing a simple and useful project estimate is a crucial part of any project management. When you are doing business with your client, you must first give your client an idea about how many hours you need to complete the project and what are the other expenses to be incurred for the project. If your [...]Read More

Enhance Productivity With Bulk T&E Entries- the AccountSight Way!

Efficient management of Time & Expense (T&E) is a critical factor for any organization since it directly affects the delays on their account receivables and can disturb the steady cash inflow. It is very important for the project management that all the billable and non-billable resources fill up their time and expense entries properly. But [...]Read More



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