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Category: Resource Forecasting and Planning


Plan your Work Schedules with AccountSight

The implementation of work schedules is necessary to manage corporate operations effectively. In general, a work schedule serves as a tool for coordinating employee work shifts and managing the allocation of working hours. This feature is particularly advantageous when one oversees a substantial workforce or runs a firm that constantly needs individuals. This article aims [...]Read More

Time Is What Organizations Want Most, But What Many Use Poorly

Peter Drucker, a renowned management consultant, once said: “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed”. Good time management in an organization increases productivity, as vital projects and tasks tend to get done first and on time. With that said, here are three key strategies organizations can employ [...]Read More
Effective Project Planning

The significance of effective project planning, resource allocation, and time tracking for organizations

In today’s global economic setting, with more projects and dwindling budgets, Project Managers are required to do more with the few resources they have on hand. First, with the commencement of any project, the primary task is to have a realistic plan. When that is ready, you move on to creating a comprehensive list of [...]Read More
Visual Resource Management with Calendar View

Visual Resource Management with Calendar View

After creating AccountSight's easy to use Project Resource Planning and Scheduling module, we noticed a high degree of adoption by many companies with over 50 users in the past year. Over the course of time we have added a number of useful reports and upload capabilities to planning; however, we have received an overwhelming interest [...]Read More

A Holistic Approach to Resource Management – Resource Forecasting with Time Tracking

This blog is to help companies understand how a holistic approach of resource planning, time tracking and measuring/reporting of key reporting indicators can help in gaining greater insights into their project portfolio, project resourcing needs and ultimately increasing project productivity. Resource Forecasting/Planning Need: Project resource forecasting and planning is a critical activity generally overlooked or [...]Read More

AccountSight Paves a Faster Way for Approval From Client Manager

Timesheet and billing management is an ever growing concern for any organization, big or small. In some organizations, like consulting or law firms, employees often have to work from the client site. Therefore, while working in a client project, an employee needs to fill all the T&E entries on regular basis and submit to his/her [...]Read More



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