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Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Timesheet Expenses and Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Time-Off and Expense Approval
6 January, 2017

Welcome back! Celebrations, parties and gift exchanges are over, and once more we are energized enough to take the challenges of work and life. Today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of Timesheet, Expense and Time-off Approval Directly from Email into AccountSight, a sought-after feature targeted to eradicate business hassles and speed up the delivery empowering you and your team.

Seeing is believing! So without any further ado, let me show you how the new capability of AccountSight’s time and expense tracker can contribute towards your business bottom-line.

1. Timesheet, Expense and Time-off Approval Directly from Email

The approval of timesheet, expense invoice or time-off has got faster, easier and more insightful than ever. Without getting logged in to AccountSight expense tracker and time tracking software, approve requests raised by your team members by just clicking the received email notification.

Automating the approval process is one of the crucial steps in streamlining the flow of work along with cash as this enables the company to use resources optimally and bill clients on time.

Here is how to do that.  

  1. Get logged in as Admin, click Settings available on extreme right.
  2. Under Settings, click Company.

Note: It opens up Company Settings page with tabs, viz., Account, Home Page Links, Features and Billing Information.  The Account tab remains selected by default.

3.  Under Account, navigate to Allow Approval Directly from Email, located at the bottom of the page. Adjacent to it, from the drop-down, choose Yes (if not selected). Click Save.

Note: Click Edit Account, available at the bottom on the extreme right to edit this page.


2. Adding More to It: Managing and Exercising Approval Rights Got Easier

Hierarchy has to be respected. People hold different departments and within a department people have different levels of rights and permissions. AccountSight allows them to perform without any conflict thereby ensuring smooth business conduct. Key approval mechanisms available with AccountSight are:

  • Workflow-based approval
  • Multiple-level approval
  • Internal managers and external client manager approvals

Here is how to add an approval level (person) or edit the approval mechanism

  1. Get logged in as Admin, click Settings (on extreme right).
  2. Under Settings, click Time and Expense.

Note: It leads to Time and Expense Settings page with options: Customers, People, Tasks, Expense Types, Projects, Time Off and Approval Routing

  1. Click Approval Routing.
  2. Click Add New Routing Sequence. Add an approver(s) based on role.
  3. To edit approver or approval routing sequence, click Pencil icon adjacent to each approver/sequence and make changes as required.


So, you have commanded the method to cut short the time lapses involved with the approval system. We hope that its implementation will help you to not just save time but also boost productivity and increase ROI.

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Got questions? Do write to us. Our job is to make your job easier!!

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