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7 Incredible Benefits of Using a Time Tracker for Your Business

Time Tracking
30 December, 2016

Brand… the ultimate milestone!

Every entrepreneur dreams to touch it.

Many endeavor to live their dream.

But few truly make it.

So it’s a coveted aspect of entreprenuership and, if the desire gives you sleepless nights, it’s worth to read this blog. What’s special about a brand? Indeed it’s the experience they deliver to their stakeholders, including employees, customers, and partners. Doing so requires doing the right thing at the right time. The former can be achieved by roping in the right sorts of talents, but what about the latter. Here comes the importance of a time tracker or so-called time tracking software that allows you to exercise more control on your projects and resources.

Read 7 incredible benefits of taking resort to the right kind of time tracker.

7. Do More with Less

Time is money… the term is a clichéd one, but no argument from antiquity to eternity can dilute its relevancy by any manner. With a fully-featured time tracking software as one offered by AccountSight, you can rest assured of meeting deadlines, in every space of your business. Track time efficiently across value-added productive tasks (billable or non-billable) as well as non-productive ones like administrative activities or general meetings. Oversee and manage multiple projects without being puzzled with complicated excel formulas.

With time tracker complementing your resource management well, individual as well as team’s productivity are certain to get a boost. Undeniably, this will fuel the business efficiency, bring down the operating cost, and help you drive customer acquisition endeavor by offering products at a lower price, and therefore will increase ROI.

6. Keep Your People Happy

Efficient allocation of projects and tasks with active tracking of the progress made at every front mitigates the unnecessary stress on workforce too as everyone is held accountable for their job and none can take the jobs for granted.

Data and insights derived from the time tracker can serve as a base to your employee recognition scheme as well. Link the performance of individuals with benefits or perks. In this way, star performers will stay motivated and those who are lagging behind will get inspired. Thus, effective time tracking shapes an ideal workplace.

5. Mange Remote Offices

Availability of online time tracking software further eases the job, as you can keep a tab on your dispersed business locations via any Internet connected device. Assign projects, monitor progress, share feedbacks, approve or decline them with just a click. Thus, save not just time and money but keep hassles of travel and lodging at bay.

4. Stay Compliant

Whether you are in B2B or B2C, you have to adhere to certain guidelines of concerned regulators to conduct business, maintain your market reputation and move forward. For instance, if you operate in the US, you have to abide by the laws and regulations of the Department of Labor (DOL) in terms of pay offs, security as well as other benefits. In the wake of the recent proposal by DOL with regards to the payment of overtime under the Fair Labor Standard Acts to nonexempt employees, implementation of a standard time tracking tool is a must.

With the right time tracking software, you earn some more brownie points! Employee satisfaction that we discussed above is instrumental in improving the quality of work delivered and hence in keeping your business compliant. Thus, focus on what is desired and what you do the best, getting key complexities linked with compliance management being ironed out by the time tracker itself.

3. Have Better Visibility

Get a 360-degree overview of activities, progress and bottlenecks and make sure the workflow stays uninterrupted and get completed as per the predefined benchmarks. This way, you will also learn ways to improve the productivity and performance of your team and add value to what you deliver to your customers.

2. Bid Adieu to Marketplace Competition

Competitive pricing, transparent modus operandi, committed employees, happy customers/partners and adherence to compliances are key signals that you are next to none. Isn’t time tracking software a magic wand to transform a business and outdo the competition?

1. Be a Trailblazer

Once you make timeliness a habit for every individual who work for you across every department and succeed in maintaining the growth momentum, spotlight turns on you, and you become a sought after brand. Yes, you bagged what everyone was competing for.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned to AccountSight for more updates on everything that matters to your entrepreneurial success.


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