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Top 10 Tips for Accurately Estimating Your New Project

One of the biggest roadblocks for the successful completion of a project is the lack of proper estimation. At times, project managers tend to under-estimate or over-estimate a project. Estimation, thus, is a critical aspect of project planning, which mainly comprises of a quantitative guesstimate of project resources, costs, or duration. It’s quite tricky to [...]Read More
AccountSight New Enhancement 2019

AccountSight New Enhancement For July 2019

Restrict Time Entry For Advanced Pricing AccountSight Advanced Pricing option gives you more power and precision to set different billing rate resources of varied skills for the same task. Also, you can set the billing rates date based effectivity for the Project – Task – Resource combination. Before this change: You could only set one [...]Read More
Recurring Invoices: What Are the Benefits

Recurring Invoices: What Are the Benefits and Should You Use Them?

The modes of payment have modernized with time. In the former times, the products and services availed on the reception of the payment. But payment collection for regular goods and services portrayed its challenges. There is a considerable and enormous flow of products and services daily. It is not always viable for business administration to [...]Read More
Time and Expense Tracking Solutions

What Sectors Must Use Time and Expense Tracking Solutions

Time-tracking guarantees real-time visibility into projects and reveals critical operational metrics, which otherwise would remain hidden. Time tracking is vital for budgeting, estimating, benchmarking, and compliance. It makes organizations more productive, teams more effective, and businesses more profitable. So, with all these perks, what are some of the industries that can benefit from the use [...]Read More
Tracking Time Is Crucial for Professional Service

Why Tracking Time Is Crucial for Professional Service Companies

If history sets a precedent, maybe the most notable profit drains of business profitability are unbilled expenses and time. For many years, inefficient and outdated methods of tracking time and expenses have cost professionals such as accountants, designers, architects, lawyers, and consultants millions in uncaptured profits. At times, the losses can be huge because, a [...]Read More
Marketing Strategies Used by Successful Consultants

7 Marketing Strategies Used by Successful Consultants

Once your practice is established, it is time to begin marketing your services to prospective clients. After all, your consultancy firm needs to attract enough clients to stay in business. However, you must be aware that, marketing your consulting services is very different from selling a tangible asset such as a house or a car. [...]Read More
Reasons to Use Online Time Tracking

10 Essential Reasons To Use Online Time Tracking and Billing Solutions

Whether you are a contractor, an independent consultant, a small business, or a large corporate entity that pays its employees by the hour or bills its clients based on time, investing in a system that tracks all your billable hours is exceedingly essential. Well, here, we are not talking about the inept, manual tracking systems [...]Read More
Hire Freelancers and Contractors

5 Top Sites To Hire Freelancers and Independent Contractors for Any Project

Even for companies with a stellar full-time workforce, situations usually arise where short-term external help is required. Large-scale projects, therefore, might demand additional employees if at all deadlines are to be met. Alternatively, specialized projects may require unique expertise not available in-house, further justifying the need for skilled temp workers. If you can articulate the [...]Read More
Better Project Manager

5 Tools to Make You a Better Project Manager

Whether you are new to project management, or you are primarily looking for some simplified, modern ways to revolutionize processes in your organization, there is a range of project management tools that you can take advantage of nowadays. For all your project management needs, start managing smart by investing in some of the following tools. [...]Read More
Time & Attendance Software Integration

How Integrating Time And Attendance Software With Payroll Benefits Your Organization

You as the manager or owner of an organization, have much more important things to do than dealing with payroll and timesheets every so often. Do not get the wrong impression; these are decisive components of your business procedures. But, that is perhaps the best reason why integration of your payroll processes with time tracking [...]Read More



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