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Replace Spreadsheets with Customized Solutions

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9 August, 2023

Spreadsheets have played a significant role in the business landscape for several decades. In the pre-digital era, prior to the advent of Excel and Google Sheets, organizations relied on physical worksheets and spreadsheets as valuable tools for managers to gain insights into intricate business processes and compile financial reports.

Spreadsheets can be made to do almost anything, but they weren’t intended or meant to do any one thing effectively. This versatility, while helpful, also points to their limits and the constraints they put on organizations when they’re misused. It’s up to you, the business user, to make sure they work for you and to keep tabs on the dozens (or hundreds) of spreadsheets that have been made to fit your company’s various requirements. When spreadsheets become unmanageable, it becomes difficult for decision-makers to see the big picture of professional services performance.

The Peril of Being Too Reliant on Excel

Have you observed any indications within your business that suggest spreadsheets may be diminishing clarity, control, and confidence? Are you seeking guidance on effectively communicating the reasons behind transitioning from spreadsheets to a purpose-built solution? AccountSight presents a few compelling reasons why it would be advantageous for your business to consider moving away from spreadsheets.

Maximize your productivity by optimizing your data retrieval process

One compelling rationale for exploring alternative business approaches is the significant time consumption associated with utilizing spreadsheets. As the utilization of spreadsheets continues to increase, the volume of data and intricacy of calculations will also escalate, resulting in a heightened demand for managing these tasks. The initial purpose of this tool was to enhance operational efficiency in business management. However, it has inadvertently become a source of inefficiency, consuming the valuable time of team members. As a result, they are compelled to divert their attention from client-related tasks and engage in non-billable activities, such as deciphering intricate spreadsheets. When encountering user errors, a significant amount of time may be consumed in pursuing crucial data rather than generating valuable insights for the business.

Reduce the Impact of User Error

To optimize spreadsheets for business processes, it is essential for users to actively engage in editing, calculating, and defining each element. This level of involvement ensures that the spreadsheets are tailored precisely to meet the organization’s specific requirements. Due to their lack of purpose-built design and absence of best practice considerations, spreadsheets, unfortunately, do not incorporate any inherent safeguards to mitigate errors.

User errors can range from minor oversights, such as misplacing a decimal point, to more significant mistakes, such as employing an entirely incorrect equation for calculating project burn rate. However, it is essential to note that both scenarios can undermine the accuracy and integrity of the data being collected and generated. When this information is utilized to make crucial business choices, even a tiny mistake might have catastrophic results.

Organizational silos must be broken down

Companies’ inability to gain a holistic knowledge of their teams’ performance and requirements is largely hampered by data silos. Spreadsheets can’t continue to be the end-all, be-all of data computations if we get rid of data silos and start leveraging mighty data lakes to make smarter decisions. When data is transferred from spreadsheets to integrated solutions, silos are broken down, making it easier for everyone to see how things are going and what they can do to contribute.

Eliminate Dependency by Defining the Process

In the consulting field, timely decision-making is crucial, as delays can hinder businesses from implementing necessary changes to stay ahead of the competition. As a business increasingly relies on spreadsheets for critical tasks such as resource forecasting and month-end financial closing, obtaining accurate and timely information about the business becomes more challenging.

Embrace the Future: Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets!

Given the multitude of applications they have served throughout their existence, it is not uncommon for individuals to overlook the fact that spreadsheets are a relic of the past. Digitization and migration to cloud-based platforms have undoubtedly facilitated the creation of intricate equations and enhanced global collaboration among businesses. However, it is essential to acknowledge that, at their core, spreadsheets remain fundamental tools for storing and organizing data, serving as a foundation for more sophisticated operational procedures.

Spreadsheets vs AccountSight Time Tracking App

When it comes to comparing spreadsheets and custom-built, web-based applications, rest assured that there are several significant differences that you should be excited to learn about in terms of how they efficiently handle and maximize the value of your data. These encompass various elements such as:

Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Data Integrity By virtue of its inherent characteristics, a spreadsheet possesses the capability to facilitate edits on all aspects without exception. Access to the application is role specific and can only be configured by the company’s admin.
Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Duplicity of Data Creating a duplicate copy of data inevitably leads to the emergence of a maintenance concern. To maintain consistency and avoid discrepancies, it is imperative to ensure that modifications are implemented universally across all relevant instances. To ensure optimal usage, it is imperative to minimize the occurrence of data duplication. By ensuring the accuracy of the data you are working with, you can confidently leverage the flexibility to expand your operations as needed.
Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Verifiable data While data validation may be accomplished in Microsoft Excel, most users are unfamiliar with the process and cumbersome. It also prevents you from enforcing the business rules on which your workflows rely. Data validation can be implemented in both the web application logic and the database, allowing for enforcing business rules and preventing poor-quality data.
Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Reporting Extracting pertinent data from a spreadsheet and seamlessly incorporating it into a comprehensive report can indeed pose considerable challenges and require huge efforts. The time and effort saved by standardizing data upon entry into a database are well worth the benefit of creating a wide variety of reports to meet your needs.
Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Workflow If you need to guide a user through a sequence of stages while only displaying the data relevant to that step, a custom workflow is out of the question when discussing spreadsheets. Web apps possess an inherent business logic seamlessly integrated within their framework. Structuring the process in a logical sequence enables the completion of tasks in a systematic manner, thereby ensuring data validation at each stage.
Features Spreadsheet AccountSight Time Tracking App
Mobile-Friendly Accessibility Lastly, spreadsheets were never meant to be viewed on a mobile phone or other touchscreen interface. Depending on their position, people perceive various things. Custom-built platforms facilitate the development of a mobile-responsive design, in which each screen automatically adjusts its layout to fit the device being used by the viewer.

AccountSight is the ultimate solution for today’s consulting firms. We understand your challenges in a competitive market and the complexities of managing internal and external resources globally. Rest assured. Our platform is purpose-built to meet your needs and help you thrive. Today, you can achieve sustainable success in a constantly evolving industry with our cutting-edge SaaS solution that eliminates process-limiting spreadsheets and paves the way for a promising future.

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