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11 October, 2023

Accounting is a substantial endeavour, whether affiliated with an accounting firm, serving as a company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or managing a small business. Time monitoring is a singular obligation that is a matter of minimal concern. By following these straightforward recommendations, monitoring time during accounting may be internalized as a habitual practice. Concurrently, it will fit in with your other duties without disruption, making your workday much more efficient.

The most significant challenges faced by accounting professionals:

Much like other fields, accounting has demonstrated remarkable success in its evolutionary journey and continues to undergo a significant digital transformation. Automating repetitive, laborious, and manual tasks enhances productivity and precision and empowers accounting firms to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks.

Engaging in concurrent project management and client collaboration

It is common for accounting firms and other businesses with a high volume of clients to deal with several cases daily. Engaging in concurrent management of many cases entails the occurrence of unforeseen events, such as receiving impromptu client phone calls, attending emergency meetings, or addressing critical issues that require immediate resolution.

When considering activities of this nature, it is advisable to monitor these tasks due to their provision of essential insights into the cognitive processes associated with task-switching. The task of organizing reports for an audit necessitates a specific form of concentration. However, when this process is interrupted by an urgent phone call from a customer who has recently received an email from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it becomes necessary to redirect one’s cognitive attention towards a distinct perspective.

Contrary to popular belief, the cognitive effort required for such a transition is substantial. This is also referred to as context flipping in agile development. To accurately gauge the duration required for acclimating to a novel duty, individuals endeavour to identify alternative approaches to address pressing circumstances of a similar nature.

Devoting a substantial amount of time to consultation calls.

This element holds significant importance for several accountants. Primarily, this pertains to allocating a fraction of their overall effort towards engaging in consultation conversations with regular and intermittent clients seeking guidance. However, time tracking is an effective method for monitoring and regulating the actions of these individuals who make phone calls.

Towards the conclusion of the month, it becomes possible to ascertain the individuals who initiated the highest number of communications with clients, the underlying motivations behind such interactions, and the temporal duration of each telephonic exchange. For instance, AccountSight can assist you in gathering and saving all the data you’ll need for analysis. The following is a concise outline of the procedure:

  • When the esteemed client reaches out, activate the timer on your tracking software.
  • In the notes section, kindly include pertinent details such as the individual’s appellation and the primary impetus behind the communication.
  • As related inquiries arise, feel free to include them concisely and organized, utilizing bullet points for clarity and ease of comprehension.
  • When the call concludes, kindly cease the timer, and your entry shall be deemed complete.
  • Over time, one can generate labels to classify the inquiries most commonly posed, thereby facilitating their organization for more efficient archiving purposes.
  • The phenomenon of “client hopping” refers to individuals often changing their service providers or clients.

There are accounting professionals who, quite simply, exhibit enhanced productivity when they engage with diverse clients over their day. Unless one diligently tracks the time allocated to each client’s, small businesses, or company’s bookkeeping, one may inadvertently compromise precision in invoicing for their services. This, without a doubt, leads to the practice of rounding time, which predominantly relies on assumptions.

When one chooses to utilize a click timer, minimal exertion is required. Particularly one that seamlessly integrates with software you may already employ, such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, and even as a browser extension. The commencement and culmination of your time tracking are encapsulated within a single click. And in return, there is no longer any need for speculation.

Keeping Up with the Changes in Tax and time-tracking regulations

We must remain vigilant and informed in this ever-evolving landscape of tax regulations. Keeping up with these changes is not to be taken lightly, as it requires a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. We must stay abreast of the latest developments and adapt accordingly, ensuring that our tax policies are fair, just, and beneficial to all.

Every tax accountant must ensure tax compliance and optimize client benefits. However, it is crucial, now more than ever, to stay abreast of the ever-evolving tax landscape. When it comes to regulations, client benefits, revenue generation, and other intricate changes, it is imperative to adhere to them diligently, as any failure to do so may result in errors and monetary fines. It is of utmost importance to ensure the utilization of DCAA and DOL-compliant time tracking and billing software by the prevailing tax regulations while remaining vigilant in staying abreast of any modifications that may arise throughout the fiscal year.

Monitoring and recording financial transactions using AccountSight software.

Experience the power and convenience of AccountSight software for monitoring and recording your financial transactions. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, AccountSight is the ultimate solution for streamlining your financial management processes. Say goodbye to manual tracking and tedious paperwork. AccountSight automates the entire process, saving you time and effort. Its advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable recording.

It is imperative to approach each client engagement as a distinct "project" to ensure a systematic and organized approach to the job.

AccountSight, a digital time-tracking app, allows you to create separate projects for each client. The software’s extensive feature set directly results from its intention to serve a wide variety of organizations, from sole proprietors to multinational conglomerates. In and of itself, this provides a tremendous degree of leeway and adaptability in how time is tracked.

  • It is possible to initiate a new project for each customer and include the client on the corresponding project page.
  • One can generate templates for projects that are frequently repeated, particularly in the case of clients who engage in recurrent business.
  • Every project has the potential to be divided into individual tasks, each of which is assigned a specific date.
  • Timesheets serve as a mechanism to guarantee that the daily progress made by individuals is made accessible to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Custom tags are utilized to classify jobs inside each project, facilitating more convenient reporting in the future.
  • Establish project estimates, establish project timelines, and monitor project progress.

The significant aspect of a quality time tracker lies in its capacity to establish estimations and monitor the overall progress of a project.

Project estimates, serve as an excellent means to gauge the efficacy of your productivity when it comes to undertaking particular tasks. This option is commendable if one intends to utilize a time tracker to enhance their workflow. Furthermore, one can utilize the data to assess whether they adequately price their services or inadvertently undervalue them.

AccountSight can provide a comprehensive overview of the time you have dedicated to a project, the amount you have earned thus far, and even an estimation of the budget. To enhance the quoting process, it is possible to export these reports as PDFs and provide them to clients as a polished presentation of your valuable efforts.

Hourly rates and invoicing

The variability in project types and team compositions necessitates the adoption of distinct billing methodologies. AccountSight allows users to customize their billability rate and billing method for each client or project. Due to the inherent variability in pricing structures across projects and tasks and the disparity in compensation rates among employees, it is imperative to acknowledge that the hourly rates may differ significantly.

AccountSight allows customization of billing preferences for individual projects, team members, and labor costs, enabling users to tailor their billing strategies accordingly.

Finally, the system allows the user to selectively designate tasks as either billable or non-billable, thereby facilitating subsequent reporting, enhancing invoicing precision, and enabling effective budget management.

Audit ready reports

Reports serve as valuable meeting collateral when there is a request for a more comprehensive cost analysis or when providing stakeholders with detailed insights into specific tasks for future reference is desirable. In the current landscape, it is increasingly uncommon to encounter time-tracking tools that do not include this functionality within their comprehensive array of features.

The efficacy of cultivating a robust client relationship is contingent upon the degree of professionalism demonstrated rather than the mere attributes of approachability and charm. A significant component of the process involves ensuring the provision of meticulous and comprehensive reports about the services procured by the clients.

With AccountSight, you can choose from 50 + time, billing, expense, and resource reports.

How the diligent tracking of time aids in the meticulous management of accounting – insights from seasoned professionals.

In conclusion, we have strategically decided to incorporate select feedback from our user base with expertise in the accounting field. The following discourse pertains to time tracking and its consequential benefits, as expressed by the individuals in question.

AccountSight is the ultimate solution for today’s consulting firms. We understand your challenges in a competitive market and the complexities of managing internal and external resources globally. Rest assured. Our platform is purpose-built to meet your needs and help you thrive. Today, you can achieve sustainable success in a constantly evolving industry with our cutting-edge SaaS solution that eliminates process-limiting spreadsheets and paves the way for a promising future.

“I am responsible for running the Operations Strategy and Planning function for a 400+ people Business Transformation organization with resources across the globe that vary in skills sets, experience, and expertise. Thus, it becomes imperative that we ensure that the right resources are allocated to the appropriate programs and activities and moreover we are diligently allocating and managing their capacity and have a line of sight where they may be a resource and skill-set gaps. After evaluating multiple tools and companies out there that could help us do so, AccountSight was not only the most cost-effective option but also had a very user-friendly UI with key capabilities we needed to manage our resources. Moreover, the partnership with the team has been great and given that it is a SaaS based application, we have been able to collaborate closely to configure the tool to meet our specific requirements. The tool and the experience have been great especially when you consider the price point compared to the competition.”

Sid Nayar Director Business Transformation Strategy & Plan VMware Inc

“As a specialty consulting firm with consultants all across North America we have found AccountSight to be a very valuable tool for our firm. It was easy for me to learn as an Administrator, and it is easy for our new consultants to utilize. We find it flexible enough to customize to our business, our clients and our projects. The customer service is second to none when I have a question or learn something new about the capabilities of AccountSight. I would recommend any consulting firm looking for a new software tool take a look at AccountSight.”

Mark N. Chief Administrative Officer at M&A Leadership Council

“I just started a consulting business and looked at many time, expense and invoice packages. I find the AccountSight solution full of functionality and easy to use. The videos are great to help get you going. I was using the system in about 10 minutes! Entering weekly time and expense data and producing invoices is a snap … straight forward and easy. I highly recommend!”

Ron Flynn Consultant at Ron Flynn Consultant

“We have been very pleased with this product. It has worked seamlessly for us. They were so willing to work with us in making few minor changes that would work best for us. Support was excellent. We are very happy to have switched over to them. I would give 5 star to them!!”

Harshi Krishnaswamy Owner at Synergy America, Inc

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