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Recurring Invoices: What Are the Benefits

Recurring Invoices: What Are the Benefits and Should You Use Them?

Online Invoicing and Billing
30 July, 2019

The modes of payment have modernized with time. In the former times, the products and services availed on the reception of the payment. But payment collection for regular goods and services portrayed its challenges. There is a considerable and enormous flow of products and services daily. It is not always viable for business administration to pay traders or merchants on time. Surveys conducted in the recent past showed that it had cost a few companies a fortune.

Modern business came up with a credible solution to this significant problem. Recurring invoicing software solution is the answer.. A recurring invoice is a form of an invoice that traders charge to their clientele at regular intervals after delivery of products or services. The invoices sent could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly. Automated customarily charging makes it renowned among small and mid-size businesses.

Recurring invoices are prevailing in the market today. Gym membership, Entertainment streaming services like Netflix & Prime, Movie & cab passes, membership on food apps are some examples of recurring invoices. There are a wealth of reasons behind the buzz of recurring invoices. Let’s take a peek at the benefits of the invoice.

Top Benefits Recurring Invoices

  1. Faster payment

We all pay rent, electricity, water bills monthly. Automating the task of payment will give you a leg-up. You don’t have to remind or chase down the customers for payment collection continually. In lieu, Sending invoice will notify the person about the dues on time. It will also motivate them to follow a prompt payment routine.

  1. Revamp cash flow

For any business to be successful, it is consequential to maintain a steady cash flow. So that there is adequate money left to cover other aspects of business operation. By setting up recurring invoicing, you make sure that the payment securely deposits in your bank account. The possibility of running out of cash at month-end also reduces. 

  1. Saves time and money

Recurring invoices ensures that there is optimum utilization of time and money. Earlier, the payment included paper, ink, and time, but with an introduction to automation in accounting, you can save time, money, and resources. Accounting software helps in organizing a payment schedule that will remind your customer of pending payments. Time and money saved could be better utilized in other aspects of business growth. 

  1. Builds a strong customer relation

Recurring invoices can save time and money for both customer and you. You don’t have to remind your customers about the due payments continuously. Your clients automatically get notified regarding the pending payments. Any business needs to make their customers feel valued. Automation in the payment process reduces the friction in the process making the operations seamless for yourself and the customers.

  1. Focus on important aspects

Earlier, accounting involved resources, workforce, and time. But with the advancement in business processes, accounting has become quick and effortless. The automation has enabled you to switch your attention to critical business areas like sales & marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention.  

  1. Automated payment 

Using online software like accounting software enables you to create your invoice. You can form an invoice from different templates available, link your client’s details, make relevant changes, and set a schedule. You can rest assured knowing that the clients will receive the invoice as per set timetable. This software also allows you to review the invoice before sending it to the client.

  1. Reduce the possibility of late payments

Late payments influence the business in a bad light. It could hamper the cash flow. As we know that consistent cash flow is essential for a successful business. Setting up recurring cash flow has benefitted the industry extensively.

  1. Keep payment information secure

Recurring invoices has given the enterprises an ability to secure their customer’s data. Cutting out papers have reduced the likelihood of replication and circulation of sensitive information and details. It dwindles the existence of middleman between you and your customer.

There have been contradictions and speculations on recurring invoices being remunerative or not. Most of the business has reached a consensus that it has profited there business in one way or the other. There are a few points of recurring invoices that you need to consider before opting for it. Mentioned below are a few companies that offer recurring payments.

    • Recurring invoices are for service-based organizations that need payment on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
    • Software providers who need their clients to update their licensing.
    • Companies that offer training modules and educational materials online.
    • Companies that provide memberships and subscriptions to their customers.
    • Businesses that offer maintenance plans for products. 


Numerous businesses are today shifting their focus from orthodox payment modes to automated payment. Right from cutting down expenditures, to minimizing delay, ensuring regular cash flow and security are some benefits you can entertain from the switch. If you are looking to replace the manual payment operations with automation, then recurring invoices is worth a shot.

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