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Top 5 Tips for Companies to Ensure Better Employee Time Management

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12 August, 2015
As a business owner, your goal is to hire workers who have the capability of delivering more within less time, while using fewer resources. Of course, the market is not flooded with such candidates, which is the reason why it becomes nearly impossible to create a workforce that is driven to deliver 100% and makes the maximum out of worktime available. However,this doesn’t means you should give up on the idea of churning out maximum possible productivity out of your business and keeping things rather profitable.
Below mentioned is the set of five valuable tips for business owners and managers that can help them to ensure better employee time managementand make sure their existing workforce achieves peak performance levels.
5 Tips for Companies to Ensure Better Employee Time Management

1. Encourage Prioritization

The key to getting tasks done quickly and effectively is to prioritize them as per their importance. Encourage your employees to make a list of tasks they have in their hands for the day. Then shortlist those that need immediate attention and focus on the rest, only if sufficient amount of time is available.

2. Set Deadlines

Before allocating work to employees, managers should set deadlines and should make sure that the workforce sticks to it and delivers as per the timeline. Setting up deadlines will affirm timely delivery of projects without any delays.

3. Organize Stress Relieving Sessions

In order to make sure your employees deliver in a productive manner, you need to keep them stress free. It is imperative that your employees don’t accept more work than they can handle, since pressure can lead to have a tiring effect that ultimately reduces their overall productivity. You can also organize stress-busting sessions comprising of games, fun activities or simply anything that will let your employees blow off some steam.

4. Reduce Interruptions

Constant interruptions not only drain valuable work time but also limit employee productivity. You need to keep in check multiple visits to the office cafeteria, prolonged chatting sessions around the coffee and water kiosks etc. to make sure your employees make better use of the total worktime available while in the company.

5. Review Periodically

Put in place a reviewing system that tracks the time used by employees to complete their projects in a periodic manner. This way you will be able to pinpoint all the gray areas in the time management reports and formulate a strategy to eliminate all the time wastage.
These 5 tips mentioned above are perhaps your best bet to make sure your employees are able to manage time in a more effective and productive manner. If you need some time management software regarding tracking your employees time for greater productivity, you can always reach out to us by visiting http://www.accountsight.com or calling us at (408) 560 – 3900.

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