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30 Free Timesheet Templates to track your employees productivity

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10 April, 2024

What are Timesheet templates?

Timesheet templates are pre-designed forms, or paper tables that assist management in monitoring and recording the time they dedicate to work, assigned tasks, client interactions, and other activities. Timesheet templates exhibit diverse levels of intricacy and possess considerable potential for optimizing time-related procedures, coordinating timetables, and supervising financial allocations.

Important factors for Selecting a Timesheet Template

The timesheet template will provide more than a basic spreadsheet, including names, activities and corresponding time entries arranged vertically on the page.

Consider your employee timesheet form as a tool for documenting time and sharing effective time management strategies with the team.

Furthermore, it is essential that your timesheet template accurately represents the specific nature of the job performed by your staff. Do you collaborate with contractors or consultants? Does your team track and document time spent on billable tasks? Is there a system for management to access and authorize time entries?

Implementing time management tactics is an effective method to maintain high productivity and optimize the allocation of personal resources.

However, what is the optimal approach? Commence by utilizing a template to direct your subsequent activities.

Efficiently optimize your time management by promptly utilizing these meticulously selected compilation of the top 30+ complimentary timesheet templates powered by AccountSight in different formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. These templates are created to enhance convenience by offering a user-friendly and effective method for tracking employee work hours. Utilizing our readily available timesheet templates, you may effortlessly acquire, complete, and produce hard copies of them.

However, there is more to it than just that! If you need a more advanced and fully automated option, we provide the AccountSight Web-based Timesheet Template App, which is free forever, exceptionally precise, and adheres to timesheet compliance.

The AccountSight Timesheet template web app can document the commencement and recorded timings and enable you to monitor and manage projects and activities.

The weekly timesheet template

This template is designed to help businesses accurately track and record the hours worked by their employees every week. By using this template, employers can easily calculate the total number of hours worked by each employee and determine productivity and their corresponding pay for that specific pay period.

Employees can easily input their start and end times and indicate any vacation time or sick leaves, and the supervisor will handle the calculations for regular hours worked, overtime, total hours worked, and pay. Employees can also add lunch breaks if company’s policy requires it. Download AccountSight editable templates in Excel, PDF, and Word to calculate your team’s work hours manually. Just print it out and complete the required details.

Alternatively, try the AccountSight Web-based Timesheet Template app, which is free forever, exceptionally precise, and adheres to timesheet compliance.

Download editable weekly timesheet templates:

The biweekly timesheet template

This template is designed for those who manage a biweekly payroll and allows for tracking once in two weeks . It includes fields for start time, end time, breaks, and overtime.

Download editable biweekly timesheet templates:

The semi-monthly timesheet template

This timesheet template will be helpful for you if you compute your employees’ compensation on a semi-monthly rate. The pay can be split into two halves, with one half covering the first 15 days of the month and the other covering the 16th to the end of the month.

Download editable semi-monthly timesheet templates:

The monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly Timesheet Template provides a detailed breakdown of an employee’s work hours for a month, including regular hours, overtime hours, and sick days. It is suitable for employees receiving monthly compensation or those tracking and documenting their work hours. The “Total pay” is calculated based on an hourly rate, similar to the weekly timesheet.

 Download editable monthly timesheet templates:

The Employee Timesheet template

The Employee Timesheet template

The employee timesheet template is helpful for tracking employee hours worked with specific start and end times. It allows for a comprehensive report detailing each employee’s weekly or monthly work period and schedule, including regular hours, overtime hours, sick days, vacation days, holidays, total work hours, and total payment.

 Download editable employee timesheet templates:

The Project Timesheet Template

This timesheet template is designed for project billing, capturing employee work details across multiple projects within a specific timeframe. It allows for precise invoices for employee and project work hours, enabling accurate productivity and profitability calculations. The template tracks projects, clients, activities, and start and end times for each project and helps track billed hours.

Download editable project timesheet templates:

Alternatively, try an AccountSight Free Timesheet Template comprising Projects, tasks, and the project duration.

Guidelines for using the timesheet templates

Step 1: Download the timesheet template in your preferred format.

Step 2: Fill in the employee’s name, supervisor’s name, project name, start date, and hourly rate.

Step 3: Employees need to fill in start and end times, number of worked hours and overtime (If any)

Step 4: Remember to sign your timesheet before submission.

Please Note: Only Google Sheets and Excel have built-in support for automatic computations; PDF, and Word formats are provided as blank timesheet templates. Also, these timesheet templates only compute an employee’s salary based on the hourly pay and do not account for taxes, benefits or any other deductions from the final paychecks.

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing timesheet templates

There are both pros and cons to utilizing timesheet templates for monitoring employee time. Discover if this approach is practical for your business by weighing the advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
Typically, available for usage without charge. Manual updating refers to making updates or changes by hand, prone to errors.
If your staff has experience with spreadsheets, the learning curve will be shorter. Risk of human error or data loss is higher.
Ability to incorporate tables and charts to generate reports. Real-time hour tracking is not feasible.

Do you find it tedious to manually document work hours and deal with the inconvenience of filling out timesheets? Try AccountSight Timesheet Template – Freemium edition!

AccountSight is a web-based application designed to track employee working hours, their respective utilization and productivity. AccountSight simplifies collecting timesheets and analyzing time, eliminating the need for manual submission, scanning, and physical storage of paper timesheets, automatic generation of invoice for paychecks or billing and adherence to various compliances.

Traditional ways of keeping track of time, like paper timesheets and time cards, Excel files, or guesses based on experience, are no longer needed when you use AccountSight.

Regulated overtime payments can significantly impact a company’s financial line. Keeping track of how many hours each person has worked becomes a breeze with AccountSight.

AccountSight allows employees to easily track and manage their hours on different projects and tasks, ensuring accurate and reliable reporting data.

On top of that, using your employees’ hourly rates, AccountSight can determine billable hours and payable amounts.

  • Employees are provided with exclusive credentials to access the AccountSight timesheet app.
  • Streamlines workflow through automated reminders, multi-level approvals, and locking mechanisms.
  • Streamlines the reporting process and minimizes the risk of data loss caused by human mistakes.
  • Efficient reports of submitted timesheets without any time wasted.
  • Facilitates easy management of permission settings without unnecessary complexity.
  • Automatically calculates expenses and amounts to be billed using predetermined rates.
  • Provides the ability to track and set budgets in real time.
  • A convenient mobile app for tracking time, managing tasks, and analyzing team progress.

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