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Time Tracking Software Drives Return on Investment

Time Tracking Software Drives Return on Investment

Globally, organizations are constantly seeking to improve the way they manage employees' time and productivity. As a result of the dramatic shift in workplace dynamics over the past few years, sustaining employee efficacy and identifying the most efficient ways to reduce administrative duties in order to increase employee satisfaction while optimizing resources have become top [...]Read More
7 best time tracking tools in 2023

7 best time tracking tools in 2023

As the economy relapses from a pandemic and more recently a recession (almost), productivity is of paramount concern to everyone. Business owners are leading this debate especially due to the rapid progression of WFH culture across the globe. It, thus, is no surprise to anyone that the time tracking tools, and software kits are becoming [...]Read More

Top 8 Major Causes of Project Failure

We all had our fingers crossed for a trouble-free ride and the most outstanding results in the wake of a project's official launch. However, optimism alone is not sufficient. If a project manager wants a high success rate, they must be aware of the potential reasons why the project fails and the warning signals to [...]Read More
Smart Online Invoicing & Invoice Tracking Software

Smart Online Invoicing – AccountSight Invoice Tracking Software

Do you run a business that sells products or services to customers online? Are you planning to engage in an online business to sell your own product? If yes, then you need fast and precise online invoicing software to have an effective and efficient billing system. Gone are the days of doing everything manually where [...]Read More
What Sets Account$ight Apart from Other Time Tracking Software

What Sets AccountSight Apart From Other Time Tracking Software?

There are plenty of project management and time tracking software available in the market. So what makes AccountSight different from other time management software? Firstly, AccountSight is a cloud based time and expense tracking software. Therefore users can access AccountSight anytime anywhere without requiring any hardware or software. Only a computer with internet connectivity and [...]Read More

Create Online Invoices and Control Receivables Using AccountSight

Organizations often find it difficult to manage account receivables and keep the cash flow running. Companies stuck with an inefficient billing and payment system fail to bill their customers timely and hence payment is also received late which results in the account receivables piling up. Invoice personnel also sometimes struggle to handle a complicated time [...]Read More
Account$ight Expense Tracker

AccountSight Expense Tracker

Unlike many online time and billing software that are available in the market, AccountSight offers an expense tracking software along with its online time tracking and invoicing software. The smart and simple expense tracker helps the users to record all relevant expenses occurred in a project as well as to track expenses from submission to [...]Read More



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