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Time Tracking and Billing for Lawyers

How AccountSight may Help Lawyers in Time Tracking and Billing

Time Tracking & Billing Software
18 June, 2015
“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”
– Abraham Lincoln
They say that billing and time tracking is a necessary evil for lawyers. We say that poor billing process and incorrect time tracking methods are what make the entire procedure so complicated. Nothing beats correct time management; however, sometimes lawyers are so frantically busy, it becomes difficult for them to recall everything that happened during the day. Lost time is definitely lost money for lawyers, which makes this entire scenario even more complicated.
Thanks to technology, the world has become more managed. Today, technology has a solution to every problem including time tracking and billing for lawyers. Nothing advances the overall legal process as good as a quality software solution that can help lawyers track billable hours and alleviate other related issues associated with billing. One such software is AccountSight. Here’s why the software solution is used by popular lawyers across the world.

Track Billable Hours 

In the legal professional where every second counts, it becomes important for lawyers to track the time they spend on a case. AccountSight lets you track time without any additional effort. All you need to do is start a timer on your mobile phone, laptop, computer, phone, or tablet, and capture every second. You can even record bulk entries by the end of the day. Use this software solution to create time entries directly from tasks, documents, and calendar entries. By keeping your entries well-organized, it won’t be difficult for you to generate bills. The software also allows you to save time cards, which you may complete later.

Bill Your Way

Billing models are complex, which make the entire process of billing time consuming and arduous. Regardless of whether you charge a flat fee or bill clients by hours, AccountSight helps you track your billables accurately. In fact, it also allows you to add a comment to each session recorded, which provides a clearer picture of time allocation to the client and reduces any confusion or delay in the payment.

Online Invoice 

AccountSight takes just one minute for online invoicing. It is a quick and easy to use online billing system that helps you create an invoice and deliver it instantly.
Find out more about how a time and billing management software may help your legal processes. For further information, call (408) 560-3900. You may also try AccountSight free for 30-days with a simple sign-up.

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