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Manage Time in Advertising Agencies

Top 3 Ways to Manage Time in Advertising Agencies

Enterprise Time Tracking
21 July, 2015

They say that time waits for no one and that is why it is important to track it properly in order to succeed in life. Time tracking is necessary for every industry sector, especially if your payment is based on the number of hours. Considering the complications associated with tracking time manually, time tracking and billing software is quickly becoming a part of many organizations including advertisement agencies. Let’s examine a few benefits of time tracking software and understand why most organizations are relying on technology for better management.

Better Visibility 

Keep track of the current hours your employees have tracked towards a particular client’s project. Time tracking software is easy to use and very simple to monitor. When a user begins to work on a project, they just need to search the project’s or client’s name from the list of options in the software and start the timer. Once, the task is over and you want to switch to a different task, you may simply click ‘stop’ and the exact number of hours will be recorded. This reduces the guessing work and employees no longer require filling out their time sheets.

Assign an Additional Resource

A time tracking software makes it easy for you to assign supplementary staffing whenever required. Find out exactly when you need to assign an additional resource on a project to keep on top of all the tasks and within project deadlines. You can know in advance whether your team members will be able to complete the project before it’s due and adjust by providing them an additional resource.

Better Reporting of Employee Billable Hours

Instead of simply keeping track of the number of hours your employees were present in the office, you may get reports based on the exact number of hours an employee has worked on specified projects or clients. This helps an employer keep track of employee billable hours and also find underperformers.


Considering the benefits of time-tracking software for ad agencies, it is no surprise to see that more and more ad agencies across the world are investing in such software solutions. The benefits of time tracking for ad agencies may include better productivity, time management, project management, and client satisfaction that are sure to hit the bottom line.

Contact us to find out how our time tracking and billing software may help your ad agency. For further information, call (408) 560-3900. You may also try AccountSight free for 30-days with a simple sign-up on www.accountsight.com.

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