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Withdraw Timesheet with Incorrect Time Entries

How to Withdraw Timesheet with Incorrect Time Entries

Online Time Tracking Software
21 August, 2017

As a user, have you come across a situation where you just submitted a timesheet for approval and realized that there are some errors in you time entries and you need to correct them immediately. In the past, you had no alternative but to request your manager to reject any timesheet under pending status so that you can correct those mistakes.

As the manager or administrator, it is worse if the timesheet approval goes through and the invoice is delivered to the customer with incorrect hours just because the employee could not withdraw the timesheet and correct in-time.

In order to improve this process of the timesheet withdrawal, we have provided an option to allow users to withdraw their pending timesheets under your account settings. Account administrators can set up the profile option ‘Allow Regular User to withdraw Pending Timesheets as Yes under your company settings (Navigation: Settings> Company> Accounts)

Another option has been provided to even withdraw approved time by setting the profile option ‘Allow Regular User/Approver to withdraw Approved Timesheets’ as Yes.

If you are a manager and allowed to enter timesheet for the employees (Special setting ‘Allow Manager Enter Time/Expense for People’ as Yes), managers can also withdraw any pending and approved timesheet also based on the two profile settings mentioned above.
Setup screen to enable timesheet withdrawal

To withdraw, user can navigate to the timesheet under ‘Pending’ tab, open the timesheet and click on

withdraw button.

Hope this change will help increase productivity and reduce errors in the finally approved timesheet and invoices.

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