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Improve project estimations and profitability for Architects!

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13 December, 2023

Architects skilfully manage intricate designs and client demands, all while working under strict time constraints. Mastering time management becomes crucial as the profession’s demands continue to grow. This is why using time-tracking software for architects has become essential, transforming how they handle projects, optimize workflows, and stay ahead in the industry.

Being an architect is a thrilling journey filled with artistic hurdles and innovative endeavours.

It is evident that the burden on architect’s shoulders is significant, and recently, it appears to have increased in magnitude. Interestingly, a recent survey unveiled a surprising discovery an overwhelming 96.9% of architecture teams disclosed their experience of burnout in various ways.

We recognize that the success of any given project depends on the unwavering commitment of every team member. Creating a lasting influence on our towns and communities requires more than merely scribbling out plans on paper.

Explore how time monitoring by using automated tracking software like AccountSight shall revolutionize your team’s workflow and save you from burnout with this comprehensive reference to the topic, tailored specifically for architectural companies.

Whether you’re calculating hours or working on a predetermined fee structure, keeping track of time is crucial for running a thriving architecture practice. Tracking your time can be valuable in keeping your projects on track, meeting critical deadlines, and improving your overall workflow efficiency. It can even assist you in determining the appropriate pricing for your next project.

Essential Features for Architects to Consider in a Time Tracking App

With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the various time-tracking options in architecture firms. Discover the essential features that architects should consider when faced with a multitude of options.

Project Management: An excellent time tracker should offer vital project and task management capabilities, ensuring no task is overlooked, whether managing multiple projects or complex phases within a single endeavor.

Mobile friendly: Architects should ensure their time tracker offers a mobile app and a responsive desktop interface for easy access to project data and hours, especially for remote employees, enhancing their convenience during on-site visits, client meetings, and site inspections.

Easy Interface: Time tracking should be designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to simplify life and minimize learning curves, allowing you to focus on project progress instead of wasting time on logging hours.

Integrations with global tools: Architecture firms commonly utilize various software applications to handle different aspects of their operations, such as design and accounting. To achieve a smooth data flow, it is crucial to locate a time tracker that can seamlessly integrate with these tools.

Reporting: An ideal time tracker should provide advanced features like comprehensive reports and visualizations. These features offer valuable insights into billable hours, resource utilization, and project profitability. By enabling data-driven decision-making, the time tracker ensures precise and reliable results.

Easy Timesheets: The time tracker should be adaptable to the unique and diverse nature of architecture projects, allowing for hours in intervals, decimals, and multiple currencies.

Quick Invoicing: Time tracking enhances internal management and client interactions by generating invoices based on hourly rates, ensuring accurate billing, and maintaining healthy client relationships.

If keeping track of time is so crucial, why is it so often overlooked?

Timekeeping is crucial for architects in many ways. Some crucial instances are as follows:

  • Managing Costs: To keep costs down and project goals in check, time monitoring is an absolute must. It makes hourly billing more productive, which, in turn, increases revenue. Time must be tracked accurately for fixed-fee workers to ensure they are not working for free.
  • Efficient Project Planning and quick RTI (Request for Intent): Time tracking enhances financial benefits and improves workflow and project management skills. By identifying time spent on tasks and identifying bottlenecks, changes can be made to improve project flow and efficiency. For instance, if revisions are overextended, stricter limits can be set. Similarly, adjusting project estimates can help price future projects more accurately, increasing profits.
  • Replace spreadsheet chaos with AccountSight: There are a number of possible concerns that business owners should be aware of before adopting the usage of spreadsheets for time tracking despite the fact that they are simple to use, accessible, and easy to create.

Why AccountSight?

With features like phase-based monitoring, expenditure tracking, and analytical reporting, automated and customized invoicing, AccountSight provides a unique time-tracking software for architects and design professionals.

In addition, AccountSight’s invoicing and payments workflows offer a range of benefits beyond just time tracking. Upgrade your invoicing experience with our user-friendly platform seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

AccountSight’s planning and invoicing modules allow companies to handle budgets and schedules in real-time effectively and efficiently. Additionally, its financial reports offer valuable insights into time usage and help identify areas that can be enhanced.

Time tracking is essential for architectural practices, regardless of whether they charge by the hour or a fixed fee. Maintaining a budget, preventing scope creep, and improving workflow and project management abilities are beneficial. AccountSight is an excellent option for companies looking to enhance their time tracking and practice operations. It offers user-friendly and fast features that can help streamline processes.

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