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Time Tracking with AccountSight Stopwatch Timer

One Click Time Tracking with AccountSight Stopwatch Timer

Time Tracking
24 January, 2014

AccountSight online time tracking software offers its users numerous functionalities for simple, accurate and user friendly time tracking and keeps providing newer features for better user experience. To add more user convenience and flexibility, AccountSight has now introduced the timer feature for more precise time tracking. Independent consultants and contractors often work from the client site and therefore they need to keep track of every billable minute spent on the project. This timer feature offered by AccountSight will fulfill this requirement with ease.

Any AccountSight registered user can find the newly added timer feature within the time module of the application. A user generally creates a timesheet for a whole week and fills the time entry boxes for each day. In addition, the user now has the option to turn on the timer for automatic time tracking. The timer is used for real time tracking and therefore can be used for the current day only.

 To start the timer, first click on the current day time entry box in your current week timesheet and then click on the “Start Timer” button below. The timer popup box will come on the screen.

The popup box will show the selected project, the task name and indicate that the timer is running from the moment the “Start Timer” button was clicked. There is also an option to enter comments for future reference.

Once the timer is on and the comments are entered, you can close the popup box and the timer will keep running in the background. If the timer is on, the current day time entry box will show a green indicator. To see the timer status or close the timer, click on the time entry box and the timer popup will appear again. Click on the “STOP” button to stop the timer for the running session. Your time tracked by the timer will be saved for that day. You can start new sessions with the timer in the same manner. The timer will keep calculating the cumulative time for that particular day.

Even after recording the time with the timer, if you wish to not use that data and enter your time manually, you can do that. First, stop the timer if it is running. Then simply delete the entry in the current day time entry box and manually put the hours.

The timer feature offers a number of amazing benefits:

  • Users can precisely record every minute of their billable time.
  • If any user is working on a particular project in several time intervals, it is much simpler and easier to track those using the timer.
  • Using the timer is more transparent as users can track time to the second. Also, the client gets a clearer picture of the time allocation for each task or project.

There are some restrictions on timesheet operations while the timer is running on. You cannot copy or submit the timesheet. Also, you are not allowed to download the timesheet in PDF format. However, you can delete the timesheet even if the timer is on.

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