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Reconcile Your Accounts Receivables Automatically

Automate Receivables with AccountSight’s PayPal Integration

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8 March, 2014

AccountSight’s focus has always been on providing value to our customers. Besides the core online time and expense tracking and invoice management features, AccountSight frequently upgrades its application with new and advanced functionalities in order to increase business productivity and convenience. The latest addition in AccountSight’s offering is the PayPal integration feature designed to accelerate client payments for our users.

The PayPal integration process helps to automate the payment process and users get paid faster. The manual payment process using cash or check is a bit tedious and often results in delays in payments. Also, once the payment is made, users have to manually change the invoice status from “Not Paid” to “Paid”. These manual changes take time and can sometimes even result in errors.

In order to successfully use the PayPal integration feature for seamless and faster transaction of invoice payments, the user and the client both obviously must have PayPal accounts. The user first needs to configure the invoice settings by adding his/her PayPal ID and enabling their PayPal account so that any payment made by the clients using PayPal is received to that particular account.

Once the account is configured, the user can create invoices and deliver to clients via email. The email the client receives will contain a direct link for PayPal payment, thereby, providing a faster, easier and more convenient way for the client to pay the bills. The client gets two options there for PayPal payment. He/she can use his/her own PayPal account or can directly pay using a credit or debit card.

On successful transaction, the client will receive a confirmation email. The user does not have to manually change the payment status to “Paid”. It will automatically get changed.
The PayPal integration ensures a faster and secure transaction of due bills. Also, it saves time for both the user and the client party. At the user end, the invoice status is automatically adjusted based on the updated payment status which also reduces errors occurring in manual process. On the other hand, clients don’t have to waste time in making cash or check payments and can instantly pay the bills via PayPal upon receiving the invoice email. This results in less or no late payments from clients.

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