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Reduce Your Paperwork and Save 15 Hours Monthly with These Tips

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8 April, 2014

One of the biggest issues that modern business owners face is being able to enjoy the freedom afforded by business ownership/entrepreneurship and paperwork. Paperwork is endless as a business. Paperwork is everywhere. Papers are sent and received almost all day. But thankfully you can start to turn your office into a paperless one and save yourself 15 hours per month.

 Time-Consuming Tasks: Tracking Expenses, Invoices, and Timesheets

Tracking expenses and invoices as well as timesheets for consultants can be a huge waste of time. Not only do you have to keep paper copies of the expense reports or the invoices but you have to waste time filing them and then scanning them and mailing them to the respective parties. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

 A Paperless Solution: AccountSight’s Software Features

Now you can use software like AccountSight to automatically manage things such as expenses and billing in a timeless manner. You can use the software to automatically generate paperless bids to potential clients in a matter of seconds. You can use the software to automatically track your expenses for each project and then generate invoices for the clients. 

You can also use it to draft and send invoices for projects. It has integrated features like QuickBooks and PayPal so that you can keep your books up to date and get payments immediately. You can monitor all of your cash flow with the dashboard feature and receive confirmations in a paperless fashion. This software offers myriad of other paperless benefits and is one of the best resources for billing and timesheets.

Pricing and Subscription Model for AccountSight’s Paperless Solution

You don’t have to let your business suffer. With so many freelancers and consultants to monitor you can integrate AccountSight and have everything automatically managed in a paperless environment. AccountSight is based on a monthly recurring cloud-based subscription model with pricing per user/model. If you have between one and five users it is $9.95/month; if you have between six and twenty users it is $8.95/month; if you have more than twenty one users it is $7.95/month.


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