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Personalize Your Invoice Template

Personalize Your Invoice Template and More With AccountSight

Online Invoicing and Billing
12 June, 2014

AccountSight’s easy time and billing software makes invoicing and managing your cash flow a breeze! Invoicing is both quick and convenient when you use AccountSight to bill your customers. You can customize your invoice template with your company logo and choose the colors that represent your company branding in the invoice settings section. You can also set any taxes, discounts, payment terms and edit the invoice template email text and any special instructions.

You can generate invoices in two different ways with AccountSight: Project based and Manual. You would generate a project based invoice, if you and/or your workers have entered their timesheets and expenses on a particular project and their hourly rate. You can then choose the ‘email invoice’ option to email the invoice to your client. If you have a PayPal account and have entered your PayPal email address in AccountSight, your client can click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ link in the invoice and pay directly into your PayPal account. AccountSight will then automatically reconcile that payment in your accounts receivables so that you don’t have to adding to convenience of use. You can also choose print invoice or get pdf for your records or to mail a physical copy of the invoice to your client.

However, if you just want to bill a client for products you sold to him or her, you would choose Manual invoice and edit the invoice template. Then, under ‘Invoice Line’ items, just select the items from the drop down box.   Enter the quantity and unit price and click on calculate and AccountSight will populate the balance due amount in the invoice. You can then email the invoice to your customer and also print it out for your records.

You can also set invoice delay notifications to let you know that your client has not paid you on time per your payment terms. This enables you to keep on top of which customers have paid and your accounts receivables and streamline your cash flow.

AccountSight also provides a valuable feature where you will get an email letting you know that your customer has opened the invoice that you emailed them. This way, you know for sure that your client has seen your bill. So, if you don’t get your payment on time, you don’t have to guess whether your client has seen your invoice or not but instead, you can be confident that  your client opened your invoice but just hasn’t paid for some reason. You can then follow up with your client.

Another time saving invoice feature that AccountSight provides is the ability to do recurring invoicing. For example, if you are providing a fixed service every month for a customer such as water bottles, vitamins etc., you can set up a recurring invoice to generate depending upon the frequency such as monthly. You will then get a notification that the invoice has been generated so that you can then email it or mail it to your client.

As you can see, AccountSight has many helpful and time saving features for you to manage your business and cash flow. Its invoicing is particularly powerful because the invoice template has many customizable features and you can really streamline your cash flow with all the reminders, notifications and built-in flexibility. Try AccountSight free for 30 days and see how easy it is to invoice your customers.

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