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Save Time in Your Business With AccountSight

Save Time in Your Business With AccountSight Timesheet Software

Time Tracking & Billing Software
8 July, 2014

If you search the internet, you will find many timesheet software applications both as web-based and installation software. But what makes AccountSight different is that it has many productivity features designed to save businesses time and money.

Effortless Timesheet Management with AccountSight’s User-Friendly Interface

The process of filling out your timesheet should be easy and quick and not time-consuming. First of all, AccountSight has a very intuitive and friendly interface with a dashboard that has all the options right in front for easy access. Second, you can use the stopwatch timer which is especially helpful if you are doing multiple tasks. Third, you can just either self-approve it if you are the administrator or else submit it for approval easily to the manager.

Some of the AccountSight timesheet software productivity features include:

  • It is easy to fill out your weekly time sheet, save it temporarily, and submit it conveniently later.
  • You have the flexibility to submit multiple online timesheets in bulk by using the Excel upload option.
  • The administrator can upload Excel files to submit multiple timesheets for different users.
  • Project managers can verify the uploaded scanned copy signed by the client as proof of the submitted timesheet and either approve or reject it.
  • Managers can approve or reject multiple employee timesheets at once, just like multiple timesheet submission.
  • AccountSight’s intelligent workflow approval and notification systems send regular reminders and messages to users for timely submission and approval of online timesheets.

Heading: Easy and Flexible Time Sheet Submission and Approval with AccountSight

  • Regenerate response

The AccountSight timesheet software provides a robust tool for time reporting, allowing for a thorough review and analysis of weekly time sheet data with customizable filters. Give AccountSight a try to see the benefits for yourself.

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