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Time and Expense Tracking

Time Tracking
3 January, 2013

Most organizations understand the impact of Time and Expense tracking (T&E) delays on their account receivables, however, T&E entry policy is not always easy to implement. Both the employees as well as the managers hold their valid objections and it all boils down to the extra time and effort involved in managing time and expense in the systems.

Freelancer professionals on the other hand, need system to keep track of their Time, Expenses and Invoices with ease of use and capability to access anytime from anywhere.

Oftentimes the employees and freelance professionals feel: 

  • Time and expense tracking is a chore
  • Boring activity – weekly time sheet and expense entry an additional burden when job is demanding enough
  • Complete wastage of time – need to learn another time and expense tracking complex system to handle
  • Need to save T&E entries from time to time and submit for approval later when ready


  • Hard to keep track of time and expense as well as the project budget
  • Need to motivate the team members to enter their weekly time sheets in the system in a timely manner
  • I can’t keep checking system – Need email notification of pending approvals real-time
  • Need an easy way to view and approve multiple timesheets
  • Need an easy tool to review and control the cost of my projects or multiple projects

Whether you are a freelance professional or large corporation in need of easy Time tracking, Expenses tracking and online invoicing software system, AccountSight has it all what you need!

AccountSight is the most user-friendly and feature-rich cloud-based system to manage your online timesheet and expense with the beautiful user interfaces that can be personalized to your company’s look and feel.
Users absolutely love the experience & ease of Time and Expense entry online or via excel upload or copy from previous week. Managers get both email or system notifications to approve the team members’ T&E. Clicking on the notification take the managers directly to the time or expense sheet to be reviewed and approved. Managers can review and approve multiple Time and Expense entries in a single click. Managers can also access dashboards to see total billable hours and project expenses as well as the project invoices.

api screenshot time1

So don’t let T&E entry and approval become a chore preventing you and your business from maintaining project cost and invoicing accurately on time.

AccountSight makes Time and Expense tracking easy and signing up even easier!
Click here to try it free now!

AccountSight is a fast and easy online time tracking, expense tracking and invoicing software. It is a highly useful cloud based application for small businesses, consultants and freelancers for maintaining online timesheets and billing online as well as for mid-size companies that require online projects management, employee timesheet & expense tracking and online invoicing capabilities.

AccountSight offers:

•    Fast and most user-friendly time and expense tracker
•    Efficient Timesheet and Expense approval workflow
•    Save weekly timesheet and expenses as needed and complete later
•    Automatic reminders on timesheet, expense and billing submissions and approvals
•    Bill customers based on employee project time and expenses
•    Recurring and subscription based online invoicing
•    Powerful Dashboards and reports for Online Project Management and report
•    Quick 360 degrees dashboard view of time and expense, invoices and outstanding invoicing with aging summary
•    Drill-down directly from dashboards into time, expenses and Invoicing reports

The rich functionality and hassle free user experience makes AccountSight unique.

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