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Personalize Application Colors

October, 2023

Product Update

Personalize Application Colors

Experience the power of customization with our latest upgrade! Admins can tailor interface aspects to their company preferences or align with their organization’s color scheme. From background colors to buttons, modify elements easily and create a personalized experience like never before. Upgrade now and take control of your interface!

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Public Report

According to a survey commissioned by Foxit, businesses are considering cost-cutting measures in technology.

According to world bank, global growth is anticipated to fall to 1.7 percent in 2023. Organizations may replace overpriced, slow-innovating technology to address economic challenges. As per a report by Foxit “balancing tech investment and cost cutting in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty,” corporate leaders prioritize technology expenditure reductions in the face of rising inflation and interest rates in a slowing global economy.

To maintain business success, companies must develop lean operational efficiency by carefully managing clients, projects, costs, and expenses. Without such attention to detail, projects, profits, and billable hours are all at risk of being lost when we miss deadlines, overrun costs, clients are unhappy and untracked projects go unmonitored. AccountSight streamlines cash flow, operations, and visibility and empowers project-based teams to maximize income.

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