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Mass download for approved Timesheet PDF’s

October, 2023

AccountSight adds a customized mass download option for approved timesheets for employees in the zip file with a button click.


AccountSight is committed to continuously improving its user experience journey by enhancing its features and functionalities.  AccountSight offers a convenient feature that lets you easily download a compiled zip file of the approved timesheet PDF’s. This file can then be submitted to the client for payroll processing, streamlining the process.

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Mass download for approved Timesheet PDF's

Downloading a zip file containing approved timesheets can significantly reduce the time and effort required to process payroll for a resource working on multiple projects. Simply choose the desired dates and employee filter.

To download zip file, navigate below:

a) Go to the Time tab
b) Go to the Approved tab

c) Select From and To date
d) Select Person
e) Click on Search
f) Click on download PDF as zip icon


Note: To enable approved timesheet mass download feature, please contact AccoutSight customer support team support@accountsight.com



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