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AccountSight A perfect Time and Billing software

AccountSight- a perfect Time and Billing software for freelancers

Time Tracking & Billing Software
10 July, 2013

AccountSight’s online employee time tracking, business expense tracking and billing software is an ideal choice for freelancers, independent consultants and small business owners. There is a clear difference between how a large enterprise and a small organization functions. Large enterprises operate on huge resources and huge budget. They have their processes and systems implemented across various functions and business modules and always tend to stick with existing systems unless they have no other choice.

On the other hand, small businesses and freelancers operate in opposite way. They work on low budget and with limited human resources. Therefore they can easily replace any existing system, for example, time tracking software, with another one which is better in terms of functionality, price or any other criteria. Account Sight with its highly effective project tracking functionalities is a perfect choice for freelancers, independent consultants and small business owners for several reasons:

1] Access from anywhere, anytime
Consultants and freelancers often work from their own places instead of their office location. Therefore, they cannot submit their weekly time sheets from the system internal to the office location. Instead they need an online time and expense software which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. AccountSight being a cloud based application offers this opportunity to the users.

2] Pricing
Small organizations and freelancers are very price sensitive as they operate on limited budget. AccountSight is a very affordable time and expense tracking application compared to the market standards. Also, it offers a free trial for 30 days to the users before actually purchasing the software.

3] Switching cost
Switching cost is very less for small businesses in contrast to the cost incurred by big organizations while shifting from a stable system to a new one. Therefore, small businesses and freelancers can easily switch to a more reliable and user friendly software instead of sticking to the existing inefficient system.

Are you running your own company? Or are you working as a freelance consultant and looking for your ideal time and billing software? Try AccountSight now! Signup to avail the 30 days free trial!

AccountSight is a fast and easy online time tracking, expense tracking and invoicing software. It is a highly useful cloud based application for small businesses, consultants and freelancers for maintaining online timesheets and billing online as well as for mid-size companies that require online projects management, employee timesheet & expense tracking and online invoicing capabilities.

AccountSight offers:
•    Fast and most user-friendly time and expense tracker
•    Efficient Timesheet and Expense approval workflow
•    Save employee timesheet and expenses as needed and complete later
•    Automatic reminders on timesheet, expense and billing submissions and approvals
•    Bill customers based on employee project time and expenses
•    Recurring and subscription based online billing
•    Powerful Dashboards and reports for Online Project Management and report
•    Quick 360 degrees dashboard view of time & expense, invoices and outstanding invoicing with aging summary
•    Drill-down directly from dashboards into time, expenses and Invoicing reports

The rich functionality and hassle free user experience makes AccountSight unique.

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