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Author: Anita Bist

Automation Helps During Time Tracking

Overtime Rules and How Automation Helps During Time Tracking

Of all the numerous human resource management operations, time and attendance recording are deemed to be the most exasperating and tedious tasks. This is because; a lot of companies still favor the manual system of monitoring time and work attendance of their employees. However, with the changes in the (overtime rules) Fair Labor Standards Act [...]Read More
Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Timesheet Expenses and Time-off Approval Directly from Email

Welcome back! Celebrations, parties and gift exchanges are over, and once more we are energized enough to take the challenges of work and life. Today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of Timesheet, Expense and Time-off Approval Directly from Email into AccountSight, a sought-after feature targeted to eradicate business hassles and speed up the delivery empowering you and [...]Read More

7 Incredible Benefits of Using a Time Tracker for Your Business

Brand... the ultimate milestone! Every entrepreneur dreams to touch it. Many endeavor to live their dream. But few truly make it. So it's a coveted aspect of entreprenuership and, if the desire gives you sleepless nights, it's worth to read this blog. What’s special about a brand? Indeed it’s the experience they deliver to their [...]Read More

A Holistic Approach to Resource Management – Resource Forecasting with Time Tracking

This blog is to help companies understand how a holistic approach of resource planning, time tracking and measuring/reporting of key reporting indicators can help in gaining greater insights into their project portfolio, project resourcing needs and ultimately increasing project productivity. Resource Forecasting/Planning Need: Project resource forecasting and planning is a critical activity generally overlooked or [...]Read More
4 Tips to Choosing the Best Billing Software for Your Company

4 Tips to Choosing the Best Billing Software for Your Company

In order to ensure optimal cash flow, businesses of all kinds need to bill their clients in a timely manner. Also, timely billing means proper management of project expenses that further enable you to predict future costs. Therefore, it is vital that you put in place an efficient billing system which would include a top [...]Read More
Billing Software Can Help Your Business

5 Ways How a Billing Software Can Help Your Business Grow

It is rather shocking that despite the advancement in technology, many people still resort to manual techniques to manage bills, create invoices, and track other financial aspects of their company. As competition is quite fierce in the industry today, saving time and expenses is perhaps the only key to cement a company’s position in the [...]Read More
Boost Employee Productivity

Top 5 Tips for Companies to Ensure Better Employee Time Management

As a business owner, your goal is to hire workers who have the capability of delivering more within less time, while using fewer resources. Of course, the market is not flooded with such candidates, which is the reason why it becomes nearly impossible to create a workforce that is driven to deliver 100% and makes [...]Read More
What to Look for When Choosing Time and Billing Software

Calling All Consultants: What to Look for When Choosing Time and Billing Software

Do you use spreadsheets to track your time? Maybe you use a simple app that only tracks your time, but then you still have to record your expenses, create the invoice, get it approved, send the bill (and sometimes receipts), and confirm it gets paid. Regardless, the process is way too tedious--sometimes you even bill [...]Read More
Switch to Time and Billing Software

Seven Reasons to Switch to Time and Billing Software That is effective

Construction business owners understand the importance of accurate billing. One of the biggest sources of construction business fraud is an improperly managed billing system—whether intentional or not. To avoid this unfortunate situation, it is absolutely necessary to streamline your billing process for better accuracy and accountability. A robust time tracking and billing software will make [...]Read More
Productivity Profitability and Utilization Reports

Employee Productivity Profitability and Utilization Reports

Keeping an eye on the employee utilization rate and maintaining a high utilization is a key parameter for most consulting companies and directly relates to profitability of the company. Margins directly relate to the business cash flow health and indicate how well the company can scale up the operations. Considering the request from our consulting [...]Read More



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