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Analyse large data sets with AccountSight Flat Excel reports

December, 2023

Product Update

Analyse large data sets with Flat Excel reports

AccountSight, firmly believes in the perpetual advancement of user experience through the continual enhancement of its features and functionalities. The most recent enhancement within Time reports is Flat Excel, an exceedingly uncomplicated method for presenting a scrollable compilation of data. All the activities shall be rendered promptly upon transmitting the data to the designated recipient. The remarkable capability of Flat excel to exclusively showcase the elements currently visible on the application renders it an invaluable instrument for managing vast collections of data.

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Replace Spreadsheets with Customized Solutions

Managing an agency can be a challenging endeavor, multitude of tasks and the influx of information can pose a challenge in staying abreast of the current events within one’s agency.

As you ascend to greater heights, the intricacies of agency management become increasingly challenging.

It is probable that your enterprise possesses digital resources to aid in project and resource management, invoicing, and other vital procedures. Therefore, what is the rationale behind relying on manual processes that are susceptible to errors and consume valuable time for time tracking?

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